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relative Insanity

My family loves to get together and play all kinds of games. Since COVID we are getting together almost once a week. Recently my 14 year old granddaughter brought out a game she had gotten for her birthday in May and we gave it a try; with unbelievably hilarious results.

We are fans of the mild mannered game named Apples to Apples. The whole family can play. and anyone can win. This new game , Relative Insanity. Is played the same way , but the funny factor is boosted by 100%. Let's get down to details. This game was invented by Jeff Foxworthy. It is sold at Walmart and most other major outlets. I am not employed or paid by anyone to tell you about this game. But we have had so much fun, I wanted to share.

Now to play the game each player get 5 yellow cards, There is a funny saying written on each card. .The first leader picks a red card and reads it. As an example the red card might say, " Uncle Clete turned to me at his wedding and said....." Each person must look at his 5 cards and choose one to be an answer to the posed question. The players put the cards face down and hand them to the leader. The leader then reads aloud all the answers and chooses the one he likes the best.The person who played that card gets to keep the red card as a way of scoring . Whoever gets 5 red cards first wins the game It is very simple ... if you can get through reading the answers without falling off your chair.

My granddaughters, in their teens, "get" most of the innuendos. But their mothers usually screen some of the questions and answers. This angers the teens. I think they know more than their parents would suspect. But it is a warning that you might want to check out the cards before you begin with younger teens. It does get a bit risque but terribly funny.

So now you want to know what are some of the possible answers. Refer back to the question above and consider these answers. Which one would you choose as the best. You cant put lipstick on a pig,

I am not wearing any underwear.

Put that back where you found it.

There is a monster under my bed.

I have seen better teeth on a lumberjack saw.

or> This is too too much for me to handle.

I made up a few of those answers and some I remember from the game. But let me tell you ,my one daughter laughed so hard she had to give the cards to me to read because she could not get her breath to continue. I wish I had taken a picture or a video. Maybe I will when we play again . If you and your family like to laugh together give it a try. You will be glad you did.

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