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Relationship After Baby!


By KaylaPublished 6 years ago 1 min read

Ever wonder what life after a baby with your hubby will be like? Well let me tell you.

It's the most amazing experience you can experience together as a family and it brings you closer and closer. As time goes on, things CAN get hectic and crazy! But you try to hold it together as much as you can.

I will be honest and tell you there's no time for the things you took for granted before so take as much us time as you can together because that'll be down the drain.

Fights can happen easily after a baby when both hubby and you are exhausted from night feeding, etc... Try to hang in there. Fighting can put lots of stress on relationship so try and work it out and resolve it before it all goes bad.

Remember the beautiful baby you two made and all the wonderful times. Yes you're exhausted. Things will get better.

Don't forget to get out and have some fun. Don't ever feel guilty for that.

What I'm really trying to say is that it's gonna be hard and there are gonna be difficult times but remember all the good things xo.

Also momma, take some me time. Trust me, it works wonders. And you will have way less stress. Xoxoxox #momlife #parentlife #babytime

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