Printed Worksheets: Balancing Your Child's Intellectual Growth


Printed Worksheets: Balancing Your Child's Intellectual Growth

It is in the nature of children to be curious, playful and adventurous. Most of them would not last 10 minutes of just sitting down, with nothing to amuse their active minds. And as most parents would, you are likely looking for things that will occupy their time and attention while developing their various faculties.

Despite the digital age that we live in, it would be nice to give something to your kids that is entirely non-dependent on electricity or internet. Free worksheets for drawing, coloring or answering trivia would be great options for the little ones to while their time. Not only are they getting entertained, they also learn something from the activity.

1. Although there apps in the computer or mobile device that may have similar contents as that of printed worksheets, there really are some proven drawbacks with excessive use of gadgets:

2. Too much exposure to the radiation coming from the devices will cause harm to the various parts of the body like the eyes, liver and nerves. And for kids who are still growing, this really is damaging.

3. The blue light coming from the gadget will keep the body from producing melatonin, the hormone that induces sleep. This could mean disrupted afternoon naps and sleep at night.

4. Especially if the parental controls of the gadget has not been activated, your children may accidentally wander off and visit sites or use apps that may still be inappropriate for them.

5. Excessive use of computers and hand-held devices have been proven to severely affect the socialization of kids.

6. Too much exposure to gadgets and media has been associated with childhood obesity and depression.

7. Children tend to have shorter attention span when their minds are used to so much graphics from games and video clips.

With these disadvantages in mind, you would likely want the printed activities. The children can learn or improve object identification, reading, problem-solving, and other cognitive and motor skills through these worksheets. Answering the activities together could also be a wonderful parent-child bonding. And what is more, these sheets of paper or easy to carry around wherever the family goes.

If you happen to be one of those parents who are not so keen on buying activity workbooks as they would likely be thrown away after getting all filled out, you can always get Free Printable Worksheets via worldwide web. Not only is this practical, you do not have to go elsewhere just to obtain these kiddie activities too.

Parents of today are fortunate that there are free worksheets for kids online. However, below are things to remember when you search for free printable worksheets:

• Make sure that the site you visit is legit and safe, especially that you will be downloading something. You would not want for virus, worms, malware and spyware to come with the download, right?

• When we say 'Free worksheets', that should also not entail providing any personal information or signing up to emails that you are certain you would never open.

• Make sure that the worksheets you choose would be appropriate for your child's age and developmental stage. The level of difficulty must be fitting for your kid as well.

• Check out the contents before downloading, just to make sure that they are accurate and enriching.

We cannot turn away from the fact that mobile devices and computers have become parts of our lives. However, instead of letting it become a distraction, why not balance your kids' development and gadget use by making them spend more time and focus on enriching stuff like Free worksheets?

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