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Parenting the Unparentable

Disorders are a struggle.

By Christina MoxleyPublished 7 years ago 3 min read

Being a parent of gorgeous children is a blessing in its own. Have you ever had that child that is unteachable, or unparentable? Given the idea of having kids is a blessing and a great thing, but where are the parents who have kids that are unteachable? Why don't they come forth and explain the bad sides of parenting? This is the thing, everyone is supposed to recreate and bring forth the next generation and so on and so forth... Blah blah blah... All is good until you come across a child that just doesn't get it at all! A child who since he was 3 years old has been diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and at 8 years old diagnosed with ODD (Oppositional Defiance Disorder)... One of those disorders alone is enough to drive a parent crazy. Mind you he has both!! Now with all the school involvement and home teachings you would think a child would get the point of learning new things and being able to understand right from wrong at this point right? Wrong! The unteachable is unthinkable but BAM... There it is right in your face. Failing grade after grade, psychological evaluations, and therapy sessions just doesn't even put a dent in this child's mind. Day after day it's a struggle to even wake up to tackle the day knowing you have a child that refuses to listen, learn, or even remotely act like he loves his mother a tiny bit. The daily dose of, go to your room now, get off your sister, don't talk back to me, slow down, eat your dinner, wash yourself right, brush your teeth correctly, clean your room now, and of course the discipline that follows if he does exactly the opposite of what you told him or does exactly what you told him not to do! It's the struggle of parenting a unparentable child.

Knowing this, you ask for help from others and get advice from Facebook groups of woman and men who have the same issues. Nothing works, the light at the end of the tunnel is pitch black with nothing in sight. Getting all the bad looks and snickering comments under people's breath about how bad your child is in public. The constant struggle to go out knowing they embarrass you with every chance possible. Do you give up or do you keep fighting? That's the question you ask everyday when you go to bed and again when you wake up. In the end it's all about the children and doing for them because our parents did for us. What kind of parents would we be if we didn't struggle for them? Parenting isn't easy by any means. Parenting an unparentable child isn't any easier and it is a thing. It's not just called bad parenting. It's possible for a parent to be great at it and take care of their kids the right way and teach them good things for life and the child just never understand or even want to listen. So next time you see a parent struggling in the store or at dinner, you don't know their backstory and why the child is that way, smile at them and let them know that parenting isn't easy for everyone and that there is always light at the end of the tunnel for your kids. Parenting the unparentable is just another obstacle in the way and you will overcome it with pride! Life is a struggle, but worth the fight. Your unparentable child is a struggle but worth the fight too.


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Christina Moxley

Stay at home Mother of 3 kids.. Ages 11 months, 3 years and 9 years.. Currently engaged to be married 2019! My stories are true and of personal experiences. It's all about the facts baby lol

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    Christina MoxleyWritten by Christina Moxley

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