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Old Vintage Toys Modern Kids Would Like

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By Carolin PettersonPublished 6 years ago 4 min read

There has probably been a time in everyone’s life when we decided to open our old toy box and thought to ourselves, “Man, I’m old!” The sight of all those old toys probably brings a whole lot of memories from your childhood. A toy box is filled with dreams that are dating from a time far away. But most of us probably have thought about how the new kids would view these toys. In a world filled with smartphones and flashy LCD screens, there is not a lot of room for old vintage stuff found in the attack. But which toys would still hold up today? What are the toys that your child would think about playing right now if it had the opportunity? Here are some examples of old vintage toys that modern kids would enjoy playing with.


Let’s kick things off with probably my favorite on the list, a Transformer toy. Back in the day these things were pretty expensive and did everything that the cartoon showed they would. Boys like playing with cars and boys like playing with robots, so probably the best thing would be to combine them into one. Cars that transform into robots have probably been the height back in the day and although the new Michael Bay movies might have shown them in a different light, the old Hasbro toy line still holds a significant place in everybody’s heart. Even though they do not look as flashy and thrilling as the Transformers of today, we think that no child would resist taking the old vintage Optimus Prime and trying to transform it back and forth from one thing into another.


This might be viewed as cheating because we still have Legos today. Actually, Legos have probably never gone out of style and have always been one of the more favorite toys of every child. After the success of the Lego movie, the popularity of these magical blocks has never been higher. But the thing is that they are only coming up with new sets while the old vintage ones are going out of style. You cannot find the old models we used to play with anymore as Lego has pulled them off from circulation. But we agree that every child would be more than thrilled to play with even an old set if it had a chance. Legos never go out of style, no matter how old they are.

Luke Skywalker Action Figure

We had the original trilogy then we had the new trilogy and now we have the newest trilogy. What ties all of Star Wars movies together is that they all bring out a child in all of us. It is essentially a battle between good versus evil where good, most of the times, prevails in the end. The ultimate protector of the light side has always been Luke. Having a Luke Skywalker figure back then was a pretty big deal. Everyone wanted to be Luke and everyone wanted to own an action figure. But now with the new Star Wars movies, not a lot is said about Luke and we only get to see him in the last one. But still, even the new Star Wars kids will appreciate having and playing with an old Vintage Luke Skywalker action figure.

Nesting Dolls

Nesting dolls have always been fascinating to me when I was a kid. Also called stacking dolls or Matryoshka dolls, these toys originally come from Russia. Kids of today will most certainly try to have a go with this one but since you cannot find them in many regular toys shops today, try ordering them from nestingdolls.co. The main thing about them is that as you proceed to take them apart you get the same figurine inside but smaller. As you proceed opening one figure after the other you end up going smaller and smaller. You don’t see things like this these days and maybe it is true that they are a bit old-fashioned, but you cannot deny that they look really interesting.

Barbie Dolls

The original Barbie dolls caused a revelation back in the day. These were one of the first dolls for girls who really managed to make a bit sale and attract a wide audience. The sales of Barbies were immense and every girl wanted to have one. What is even interesting is that every girl wanted to look or be like Barbie. These toys inspired a whole generation of girls then, so why wouldn’t they inspire more kids now. There are probably some better-looking dolls today but we all know that just by looking at a Barbie a girl would not be able to resist her. They still have that old magic they used to have before.

Easy Bake Oven

There’s another thing which was used to inspire a whole bunch of girls to start cooking. Most of the kids used to play outside and made pretend dinner parties using things that they could find outside. Making a mud pie was probably one of the favorite dishes on the menu when I was a kid. But the revolution came when easy bake ovens were invented and you could really make a pie or a small pastry inside. You were probably not going to feed the whole family with it, but it was still fun. Not only fun but educational as it gave you the insight to learn to cook when you got older.

Care Bears

Another toy which was made into a cartoon is a Care Bear. You probably remember all those little, fluffy, taking bears running around with different symbols on their chest fighting against evil with the power of love, or at least this is how it used to go. The thing is that they would alight beside each other and shoot the bad guys with a bolt of energy coming from their tummies. Each bear had a different sing and a different power. So the toys were a big hit as well. They have still stuffed toys but these stuffed toys were special as they resembled your favorite character from the series. The smallest kids will most likely still enjoy playing with a Care Bear. And you can bet that this bear will give your child all the protection it needs.


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