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Now Supports mp3 to m4a Conversion for Users Who Want to Improve the Quality of Their Music

Now Supports mp3 to m4a Conversion

By Adil MemonPublished about a year ago 3 min read

An mp3 to m4a converter is an online tool that will change the format from mp3 to m4a, equivalent to mp4. Mp3 and m4a are based on MPEG. However, m4a offers superior and crystal clear audio quality. In addition, the music converter will also reduce the file size.

Moreover, the m4a format is based on Apple Lossless Audio Codec, and AAC attributes decode the conversion. As a result, you will most likely need to convert mp3 to m4a files to upload on Apple platforms such as iPods and iTunes.

In addition, an mp3 to m4a audio converter will also help you save disc space on the computer or laptop. As a result, you can convert the mp3 files when the storage space is severely limited. The new m4a files retain the original sound quality.

If you are searching for a reliable music converter, then you have come to the right place. Let us present the best solution to convert mp3 to m4a.


Onlineconvertfree.com is a credible service that will easily convert mp3 files to m4a format. You will hearbetter sound quality and become more mesmerized by the sound of your favorite singer. Today's article showcases the numerous features of onlineconvertfree.com and why it is the best audio converter online.

Continue reading to learn about onlineconvertfree.com features:


Onlineconvertfree.com does not compromise on security as it is our topmost priority. We will convert the files and delete them after 24 hours. Moreover, all files are encrypted with SSL protocols to avoid misuse. Browse our privacy policy for more details


Onlineconvertfree.com is super-fast and easy to use. You can convert files from mp3 to m4a without registration. In addition, you don’t need an email either. The output file will not carry a watermark, so that you can share it easily.

Remote use

Onlineconvertfree.com is not software. It is an internet-based tool that will not waste computer resources. The online music converter will process each file perfectly.

Step-by-step guide to converting mp3 to m4a using Onlineconvertfree.com

Step 1: Visit https://onlineconvertfree.com/ to upload the file. You can drag the file onto the interface or click Choose File. Upload the mp3 file you wish to convert

Step 2: Select the format you wish to convert the file to. Click on the drop-down arrow under the To section. Go to Audio, and select m4a.

Recheck the settings for moving forward.

Step 3: You can add files for batch conversion. After all the files are uploaded, click Convert on the audio converter.

Step 4: Click on Download to save the mp3 to m4a converted file to the computer. You can download the converted media in a compressed version if you upload multiple files.

Why convert mp3 to m4a?

• When you convert mp3 to m4a, you will experience better sound quality. The lyrics, speech, or other audio have a clear output so the listeners understand the media better.

• M4a format is compatible with different devices too. You can easily share the converted files on Apple and Windows platforms. This makes sharing the content a lot easier if you are an aspiring online creator or a music artist.

Tips on how to use onlineconvertfree.com efficiently

• Learn more about the formats compatible with the source and resultant device when using a music converter.

• The user can also research which format fits the content the best. Otherwise, the quality is compromised, and the message is unsuccessfully delivered.

Use Onlineconvertfree.com today!

There you have it! Onlineconvertfree.com usage is growing daily thanks to international trust. The music converter is available 24/7 to transform the file format day and night. Feel free to contact the customer support team if you face any issues.

Onlineconvertfree.com will convert files into numerous other formats. Use the audio converter today to transform the mp3 files into m4a format. You can install Microsoft Zune, Elmedia Player, Apple iTunes, and Rythmbox after using an mp3 to m4a converter.


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