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Naughty Nun

by Habby Grac 6 months ago in fact or fiction


Naughty Nun
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The sound of my alarm brings me out of my amazing dream yet again to do the same thing today as every day.

Wake up, shower, then pray, and breakfast. Cleaning the chapel before children came in for prayer, worship, and beading time (that's not too bad).

Lunch, confessions, P.E. before dinner and movie time (if lucky)then bed by 9.

Waking to do it all over again, Lady Jade had just awarded me the Lady rosary.

I already taught Art and Dance my way to release tension and this weird feeling that I was missing something. Sighing after a long day of working laying on my bed staring at the ceiling, wishing there was something worth having.

I've been here nearly my whole life since I was 5 years old, my dad dropped me here saying he will come back in three hours that was 25 years ago. Lady Jade found me sitting in a pew crying and starving. It didn't take her long to know that I was abandoned and took me in that was when the Ladies started the orphanage.

Pulling out the magazine that's forbidden here, looking over all the colors of clothes and how tight they fit the woman's body. Turning the page gasping for the first time seeing a swimsuit, her body had an hourglass shape, tan-colored skin with brunette hair.

"Liza, Lady Jade..." Lady Staci gasped as she saw the book in my hand.

"Liza Oms, you are a Lady in waiting those are forbidden to you now." she scolds

"Please, I know just keep it between us" pleading with her as we ran down the hall rushing into Lady Jade's office, I rushed after her, but her being on the track team didn't help much. She slammed the book down before turning to me smiling.

She set me up yet again, using my curiosity for the outside world against me. Lady Jade gives me an (are you serious) look as Lady Staci leaves the room.

"Liza how many times do I have to tell you..."

"You are a Lady and waiting and this is something that is now forbidden" I finished her sentence because this isn't the first or second time I've heard it and it was starting to annoy me to death.

"You know what I give up, I've had it, putting up with you and this I don't owe you anything, you know what give me your rosary and leave now," my jaw hit the floor, No, No I didn't mean it...


"Your out of the Nunnery leave now, here's a check to sub stain you for one month, I'll even help you land a job," she said handing me a check, gulping hard at the reality of my childish reputations.

"Wait you're kicking me out, I don't have any family or friends, or even a place to go,"

"You should have thought about that before you thought these books were more enjoyable than the Glory book, I didn't have to take you in you know, I did my job I raised you into the Lady you are was is next is up to you." with those words she left the office, I whimpered as my childish curiosity had been the final straw. Dropping to my knees saying one last prayer.

"Please Father help me on this journey, I'm lost!" Taking my bag and hitting the road, all I owned was three robes, three caps, and one pair of black shoes my hair was pulled back in a tight bun under my cap.

Nightfall was quickly falling as I made my way into town, I had never been in town in the night time. It looked different, scarier, pulling the cap off the first thing to erase from my past.

Seeing Mr. Brown at his shop I rushed to get the check cashed before he closed, he was the nunnery's bread supply for years. I grew fond of him when he would sneak my forbidden books. He was old enough to be my grandfather and he always saw my eyes wander around the streets when we had our weekly trips in town.

"Mr. Brown, may I cash this here?" I shivered and smiled as he turned to me with sad eyes knowing exactly why I would be here this time of day.

"Oh, Lady Liza?" I smiled and told him everything and not having a place or food, he packed me a few of his trays on the house, I told I would repay but he declined.

Tucking the money into my robe pocket then walking out of the shop into the chilled air, taking in my new sense of freedom, sadden by the fact that I didn't have any family to go to.

I had last track on time as I walked around the town finding myself in an area of the town I had never seen before. The strong smell of alcohol and smoke made me cough, but that wasn't what stopped me dead in my tracks.

Follow the sound growing anxious and nervous finding that the sound was coming from a box laying next to a dumpster.

Gasping I quickly pick up the infant that had to be barely 5 weeks old, shushing it just a bit until I found the mom.

She had to be inside the club obviously looking for the father here, I wanted to give her a piece of my mind thinking against my better judgment I rush into the bar holding the baby. Looking high and low even in the bathroom I had asked almost every female here and no one had ever seen this baby.

"Hey what are you doing here? Nuns don't club!" someone said behind me, turning to faceplant into the torso of the hulk.

Shocked to the point I fall back on my butt still holding the baby. He pulled me to me feet feeling my arm being roughly held and almost pulled out of place by how hard he was yanking me. My mind falls blank trying to keep up with him. Before I could fight back he pushed me into a room.

"A Nun and a Baby in my club two very big NO NOs," the person sitting at the desk said, I stared intently at this person his blonde hair comb back, he had a cigar in his mouth but those lips were plump.

Clearing my throat snapping myself out of my head saying,

"I believe someone inside this club left this baby outside"

"Doubtful" he snapped laying the cigar in the ashtray then getting up, he wasn't that tall maybe an inch taller than me without my boots, wearing what looked like a very expensive suit but he was lean seeing a hint of tattoos out the sides of his jacket and on his hands.

"Why don't you ask everyone here?" I snapped back,

"Cause, I've known everyone here for years, no one has a brat maybe it's yours" he snickered running his finger down my cheek, making me step back.

"How dare you? You could be the father that the mother is looking for?" I barked nearly biting his finger.

"That's highly unlikely" he laughed

"Fine, I'll be on my way, here you go," I said handing him the baby, instantly making it cry.

"Whoa, what do you want me to do with it?" snickering at his inability to handle a baby, he wasn't even holding it right.

"I'm leaving sir, this is your baby take care of it or find it's parents"

"I have a business to run, I can't look after this thing, oh take it and shut it up" he growled I took the baby from him.

"Find I will care for it until you find the parents, but it has needs..."

"Yeah, yeah Paul" he snapped feeling nervous when the door opened to the hulk standing there.


"Take um..." he waved his hand to get me to say my name shaking my head at how rude he is. As if his mother never taught him manners.

"Liza Oms"

"Take Liza to my apartment and get a list of things for the baby, have Mark set up the room before I get home," he said handing me a gold card saying it was for us.

That I needed better clothes than a Nun robe, I agreed with that.

"Um, Sir wh... What's your name?" I couldn't possibly live with someone if I didn't know his name.

"Dante' Noky, now go I have work to do." he smiled at me.

Sometime later we were lead into a penthouse apartment not far from the club within walking distance. Taking on the scenery in complete awe his modern but dark, the home didn't look as if anyone lived here.

"Here," the hulk guy said as he pointed to the door on the left of the hallway.

"I'm Paul and this is your room, everything you need for the baby will be here in two hours," he said opening the door for me.

"There is food here make anything you wish, do not go into these two rooms," he said pointing to the two doors across the hallway, nodding in agreement before he left us.

Looking down the baby was fast asleep laying it down on the bed sighing I finished off the last tray of food Mr. Brown had given me. The yummy goodness, the chapel had good food but nothing as good as this, pulling the pins out of my hair letting it down my back, I wanted to cut it so many times but I just let it go. I jumped at the sound of the doorbell, I didn't notice two hours had passed since I sat on this bed.

"Miss Oms, delivery," a man said as I made my way to the door,

"I'm Miss. Oms" I announced the man smiled handing aboard to sign.

"What room?"

"Umm this one" he walked in seeing the baby laying on the bed, sleeping still I wondered when the last it was feed or changed, gasping that I didn't give the guy a list of things before I could say anything the guy handed me a bag full of formula and two boxes of diapers and wipes.

"OK, all set," he said after putting up the playpen cradle.

"Thank you"

"Boss said tomorrow Paul will take you to get clothes for you and that" he snapped giving me a dirty look before he left. (Rude) I thought!

"OK, baby just you and me, let's get you cleaned up" I whispered picking up the bag, I knew a little bit about infant care so it wasn't so hard.

"Oh so you're a girl, little princess," I said now that I can stop calling her 'it' hating that.

Her screams filled the halls as I bath her, she had a nasty diaper rash from wearing a dirty diaper for god knows how long. Growling at the thought that this baby could've died a miserable death if I haven't found her, her parents didn't even deserve her now.

"What is that god awful smell and god shut that thing up" someone screamed from the kitchen area, not even bothered with the person I finished dressing the baby in her nasty dirty sleeper, but it was all I had for her.

Giving her a bottle smiling as she settled down.

"Are you trying to kill it?" the guy (Dante') said standing in the doorway.

"'She'" I snapped

"Huh?" he cocked his eyebrow

"'It' is a girl, and no! she has a diaper rash from the dirty diaper, she had spent hours was that thing on" I explained nearly in tears at how someone could give birth to her and just throw her away like that.

"Hey why the waterworks" he gave me a sympathetic look

"She didn't ask for what her parents did to her" now tears fell from my eyes in the sense that I was 5years old when my parents threw me away, but she's so small and frail.

"Nun Lady the world is full of fucked people" he snapped his teeth, looking at me from the side of his turned head.

"Oh, blessing me" shocked at the words that had just left his mouth.

"What?" he scrunched up his nose,

"Your words"

"Why aren't you at the church away?" he asked, walking into the room a bit farther.

"I got kicked out," I said under my breathe, but he heard me and busted out laughing

"I have to know Why?" he sat on the end of the bed shaking his head.

"Looking at a forbidden book" the room boomed in laughter,

"OK, OK, you got your laugh haha, what are we going to call her?" his smile dropped instantly as he turned on left.

"Hey wait,"

"NO! that is your job, you found the thing, I'm being nice in housing you until we found the parents that's it, don't get attached, I'm not a prince charming to sweep you off your feet" he snapped pointing his finger at me.

"I never asked to find this baby outside your club, but it is also your responsibility to help me until then" he growled saying

"I've done enough it has a bed, diapers, food, now keep it quiet" he snapped, seeing the tiredness in his eyes, he hadn't slept in days possibly.

"You know God did this..." I know I was walking on thin ice...

"NO!" he shouts making the baby scream

"why not? Are you not a believer?" now I was mad and confused did he not think it was a weird coincidence.

"No, I'm not just stay in your room please." with that he walked away slamming his door in my face.

Picking up the whaling baby rocking her back and forth, taking in her appearance, she had white hair, peach fuzz, blue eyes, there was a small red mark on her left eye figuring it was her birthmark.

"Beth," I said that was what I will call her until I found out her real name.

Her blue eyes found my green ones. I will fight to keep her now, her parents don't deserve her.

fact or fiction
Habby Grac
Habby Grac
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