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My Wife Resents Me How Do I Fix It (How To Deal With A Resentful Wife)

If you are thinking my wife resents me how do I fix it then you are probably at a pivotal point in your marriage. I'm glad you are looking for information that can help turn things around in your marriage because things can turn sour pretty quickly if you don't figure out how to deal with a resentful wife.

By Amora StevPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

Are you in a marriage where you're constantly saying and thinking my wife resents me? I know this is a very stressful thing, because I was there once...and there are tons of other men there now as well.

If you feel your wife resents you, or if she says she resents you, it's important to realize that this CAN be turned around. But you have to act fast, and you have to do things a certain way. But first you have to...

Understand Why You're In a Marriage Saying My Wife Resents Me

There are plenty of surface reasons that will cause a wife to begin resenting a husband.

Here's the deal. If you're abusive, then I can't help you with this article. Actually yes I can, I can tell you that you must get help IMMEDIATELY! You need not to worry about how you'll look to others, you need only to get your wife out of the abusive situation, and help for yourself.

Now if that's not the issue, then the surface reasons are very likely not the real issues.

What does that mean?

You'll see very soon.

Most of the time the resentment will show up as something like "you don't spend enough time with me", "you don't treat me special enough", "you don't buy me gifts", etc. etc. All of the usual things that you hear that a husband is supposed to do!

If you're not spending any time with your wife, and you're completely neglecting her then there might be some validity there. But for the most part this is not the real reason. It may be what your wife actually FEELS is the reason, but the truth is that what's more than likely happened is that you've seized to be the MAN in her life that she needs.

This will cause feelings of resentment...but here's the tricky part...she may not even realize it.

This is the thing. Most women don't realize that down deep, what they need in a man is an alpha male. They're ultra attracted to this type of man down deep to their core, way back from their cavewoman days. It's built into their DNA.

But what they're told by society is that they need a beta man, who kisses their butts and buys them flowers, etc. etc. The thing is that if you're a man that's kissing your wife's butt, and your not being the type of alpha male that they NEED then they still will resent you.

It can be very confusing for everyone involved, but ultimately the answer is to become the alpha male that she ultimately down deep to her core truly wants. That will not only end you having to say my wife resents me, but will have your wife nearly worshiping you, basically becoming more attracted to you than ever before.

Save Marriage - How To Keep Your Wife Happy?

If you are a man looking for some ways to make your wife happy, below are some tips for you.

1. Be yourself

This might seem like a very obvious tip to you but there are many men who feel that they are not good enough for their beautiful women. However, what they have probably failed to realize is that being confident is the sexiest and most attractive attribute to a woman. A man who portrays a confident outlook will way outshine another who is simply good-looking. No wonder there are so many ugly men out there who have the prettiest wives in the world!

2. Find chances to do little things

You do not have to carry out a major gesture in order to win your woman over. Little things such as offering to take her car for servicing or buying her a packet of her favourite chocolate cookies occasionally will leave deep impression on her and make her feel your love.

This is because you are showing her that she is always on your mind, so you will take the trouble to do the little things for her. It is these little things that will help to maintain a long-lasting relationship because you show her that you appreciate her greatly.

3. Be committed to your lover

It is not uncommon for men to look at other pretty and sexy women but refrain from doing so when you are with your wife. You do not want her to get the wrong impression that you are comparing her with the other women, so stop ogling when you are out with her. Being married does not mean that you do not have to spare a thought for her emotions anymore. Showing that you have eyes only for her will make her happy and it will go a long way in maintaining your marriage!

4. Have a sense of humor

Life is not a bed of roses. With a positive mindset and the ability to laugh at each other, both of you will be better prepared to face the challenges ahead of you. If you are able to make her laugh, it will lighten the atmosphere by a great degree, especially at the end of a long and tiring working day. Don't forget, she still has to take care of the family even though she has also finished a day's work at the office. This can be very tiring and stressful, so making her laugh will lighten the mood.

5. Explore common interests

Remember the good old courtship days when both of you had common interests that kept you both occupied? You can still do the same now, even though you are married. Give her a surprise and accompany her when she next goes for her weekly exercise at the local gym. It will make her very happy as it shows that you care for her and want to spend time with her.

The above are just some tips which you could apply to your daily to make your wife happy. In order to maintain a long-lasting marriage, it takes effort and commitment. Take the first step yourself and you will see that she will soon reciprocate because she is happy with what you have done and that will be a great step towards a better relationship.

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