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My Very First Baby

by Kîlå Glénñ about a year ago in children

To All My Mothers

My Very First Baby
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Hey Moms Or Should I Say Mothers...

I Got Something To Say!

Where Do I Start... Oh Yea The Pregnancy. During My Pregnancy It Wasn’t Hard At All As A Matter Of Fact The Labor Wasn’t Either. Now I Don’t Want To Brag But My Labor Went Fast 2 Hours Fast. I Know Some Mothers Were In Labor Longer Than That But I Know For A Fact Throughout All Of That Excruciating Pain At The End You Saw A Beautiful Baby Boy/Girl And You Knew From That Point On Nothing Was Going To Stand In Your Way From Loving Him/Her. That’s The Same Way I Felt And Still Do About My Son(The Baby In The Photo With Stars). His Name Is Audy Jr Even Though The Line Doesn’t Stop With His Father. But, To Cut The Cuteness And Cooing Off I Know For A Fact You Have Lost Some Sleep When Your Newborn Baby Came Home. How Do I Know You Ask? The Same Thing Is Happening To Me Now As I Speak.In Hospital It’s All Sweet But As Soon As Your Baby Come Home It All Goes Downhill From There. Your Full Hours Of Sleep Turn Into Half Of That And For The Mothers That Have To Wake Up Around 4AM I Feel So Sorry For You Unless You Have A Man Or Husband Around Then It’s A Different Ball Game.

You Ever Think After You Done Changed Diapers,Gave A Good Warm Bottle And You Played With The Baby For A Little While Why Is He/She Constantly Crying. Well Me Personally I Usually Pat My Baby On The Butt To Get Him To Calm Down And Stop Crying And It Works Everytime.You Should Try It Sometimes And See What Results You Get.But, Like I Never Expected A Baby To Cry Just To Go To Sleep I Often Question My Baby But As Long As He’s A Baby He Cant Tell Me Why. I Know It Is Very Stressful Being A Stay At Home Mother Or A Single Mother Hell Especially When You Have More Than 1 Child Its A 24 Hour Rollercoaster Of Crying,Yelling, And Doing All The Household Duties. Makes You Want To Pull Your Hair Out Right?.Well I Have Just About Got To That Point In My Life With My Son But In The End I Always Hold And Stare At Him While He Sleeping And Just Smile And In Shock Because I Still Cant Believe I (The One Who Supposed To Have Been Locked Up Somewhere By Now) Had A Baby.

To All My Mothers Out There If Your Reading This Your So Strong And Beautiful And Just Because You Had A Baby And Gained A Little Weight Or A Lot Doesn’t Make You Less Than The Person You Were Before. I Had To Learn That The Hard Way Especially As Me Being A Young Parent And All. Yes I Said It I’m Young,23, To Be Exact. I Was Going Through Postpartum Depression And Didnt Even Know Why But I Guess Due To Me Having My First Child I Was Going Through Mixed Emotions. To Actually Be Honest I Wasn’t Even Ready To Be A Mother Just Yet. Lord Knows I Feel Like I’m Still A Child Myself But To Raise A Child Of My Own With Barely Any Help Oh My God It’s Super Hard. The Thought Of Me Having To Stay Strong For Me And My Child Is Beyond Stressful Due To Me Not Working And All But I Took The Easy Way Out. Remember How I Said All Mothers Are Everything And If I Didn’t Say It I’m Saying It Now Because My Mom Helps Me All The Time And If It Wasn’t For Her I Promise You I Wouldn’t Have Made It Through My Depression. I Also Know Yall Mother Helped Out With Your Child/Children Too No Matter How Bad Or Annoying They Want To Be.Mothers Do Anything To Protect,Shield, And Love Their Children No Matter The Problem Or Cost Cause Only God Knows My Mom Was Tired Of Me Growing Up But I Got Everything My Brother Didnt. He Was A Bad Apple But Just To Know I Never Got Caught Even Though I Was Bad Too But That’s Another Story.

To Close My Story I’m Going To Say These 5 Things You Must Always Remember As Being A MOTHER

1. Never Give Up No Matter How Hard Or Tough The Obstacles May Get Keep Pushing Forward Because Your Little One Is Looking Up To You

2. Don’t Forget To Appreciate Yourself And Give Yourself A Little You Time. Never Get To Busy For The Things You Want To Do Or Some Alone Time.

3. Always Know That No Matter How Ugly You Think You May Feel Or Think You Are, Your The Most Beautiful Person In The Room Your In And No One Can Take Your Shine Just Because You Put On Some Weight Or Got A Little Acne.

4.Never And I Do Mean Never Let Someone Tell You How To Be A Mother To Your Own Child Because A Mother Always Will Know What’s Best For Her Flesh And Blood No Matter How Wrong Or Right You Are.

Finally 5. Always Be 5 Steps Ahead Of Everything Even Your Child/Children Because You Never Know What Might Happen And When It Might Take Place But When Your Prepared It Won’t Matter Because You Will Already Take Care Of It

With That Being Stated Have A Drink And Be The Greatest Mother Your Child Knows.


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