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My little slice of Heaven.

In a world full of chaos and unknown circumstances it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and alone in your feelings. Creating your own space can be a weight off anyone.

My little slice of Heaven.
My cozy corner.

Creating and utilizing a space to improve your emotional health and allow you to relax is an amazing form of self-care. Cozy corners are also a great way to give yourself an area to reflect when you're feeling overwhelmed or “off” from your usual emotions.

When creating my cozy corner I coordinated all things that I love and that make me happy like a pillow, bean bag, or rug in cool, relaxing colors. A calm down kit with sensory goodies (squishy toys, aromatherapy candles or infusers) I love lavender and eucalyptus myself. I also have a happy space playlist of my favorite soothing music and a tablet when I feel inspired to write. It helps me calm down and unwind for the night. I have Plants as well they help me feel serene and escape to a different environment and plants can lift spirits and influence physical health. Removing clutter can help calm your mind, make you lighter and have a detoxifying effect on your body.. Oh and lighting is important. Brightly lit rooms have been shown to improve symptoms of depression and anxiety and with the right lighting you can transform your space into the perfect magical escape.

My Happy place is on my balcony and I love getting the fresh air and not feeling confined. Especially when the air is crisp with a hot coffee or some wine.Being at your happy place gives you a chance to relax, unwind, power down your phone and get away from the madness that could be affecting your mental health. It is a place you can escape and feel happy. You can feel at peace with no interruptions of any sort. I close my eyes and drift off in my own world away from the chaos and pressure and stress of my life.

I am a mother of five and it can feel impossible to get a break or even a moment from the kids. I can go a hour without the kids wanting me until I close a door or go to the bathroom lol. As soon as I go to the bathroom or want a shower that’s when I’m needed the most. Being a mom is a full time gig. I have to break up fights,arguments,help with homework, cook, clean, (The laundry ughh) find everyone’s misplaced items that they claim must be lost forever, that actually was just under the pile of mess I told them to clean up. It’s a lot and can really wear me down that’s why my cozy spot is so important to me.

I just had a baby a month ago and juggling my new addition and staying positive in these stressful weeks has taken a toll on my mental health. I’m on unpaid leave from my job and bills are piling up and I have to be strong and not let it affect my children. Being in my cozy corner allows me to reset and be the rock they need me to be.

Studies show that your mood, focus, health and choices are all impacted by your environment. From asthma to diabetes to depression, a growing body of practice-based evidence is demonstrating the impact that design, lighting and clutter have on human health.We all find ourselves spending more time at home than expected. Our old daily routines have gone topsy-turvy. Many of the habits that anchored us, helped us function, have changed. Their absence can be jarring.

So much of what we do is driven by goals and objectives — which can, at times, be a tremendous source of stress. Our wellness practices can help to alleviate this sort of stress. So, create a foundation for your space based on intention. Note how you want to feel in your space. Use that feeling as a guide as you cultivate your wellness space.

My advice to anyone reading this is to take a timeout in the corner. You deserve it and make your space your happy place. It doesn’t have to be pretty or organized just yours. Your version of cozy and your favorite things. Please stay safe and take care of yourself, and self care isn’t selfish it’s refilling the fuel tank and maintenance.After all if your car didn’t have fuel or Maintence how far would you get to your destination?

Thank you for reading and live well.

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Tiffany Richardson
Tiffany Richardson
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Tiffany Richardson

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