My Life

It started at the beginning.

My Life
Woke up with my first cricked neck from this sleep.

So here I am...

Plus_size_blondie has discovered vocal and decided to give it a try.

I wasn’t sure what to base my vocal stories on and then I thought... everyone after listening to my life story so far, has said I should write a book... when I found vocal I thought hmmm... this might be an easy way to tell my story so far.

I was an 80s baby and born on a special day of the year (won’t give away too much for all the internet identity thieves LOL).

Apart from my mum being excited to meet me my gran (who was a blessing in my life—along with my grandpa) couldn’t wait to meet me. I don’t think anyone could comprehend the sheer unconditional love, nurturing, support and care that both my grandparents gave me but there was ALWAYS this unbreakable, untainted and unquestionable bond between my gran and I. Some people don’t believe in soulmates—my gran was mine.

Every one of my first memories contains my gran, gardening, playing, school, holidays, going shopping... she’s there in all of them.

My mum, dad and I stayed only 10 minutes drive from my grandparents and yet every time I went home it felt like I could have been as far as I could get.

I stayed with mum and dad all week and come Friday it would be time for me to have my weekend with gran and grandpa. Every special occasion was spent with my grandparents, mum and dad—although come Christmas and sometimes Hogmanay my dad would work as he was a chef.

Sometimes during the week, gran would come to my parents house and stay overnight, and I loved it.

For some reason as a child I was never able to sleep alone. Come time to be left alone at night—even though my parents tried everything from reading to me to leaving all the doors open so I could hear them and the TV, to playing audio stories quietly, to trying to ignore me constantly shouting—I would get this sickening, uneasy feeling. I never felt calm and at ease come nighttime and being in bed.

The only time I could get to sleep easily and happily was if one of my parents or my gran came to bed with me and cuddled me up. A story was a bonus, but for some reason all I needed was one of them there.

I know mum and dad used to read to me. I don’t remember what they read to me apart from one story called Higgerty Haggerty which was about a witch who had the coughs, bumps, and measles! I could tell you a few stories my gran used to read to me likes of Owl at Home or Naughty Granny, but the list of stories were endless. Some of the best stories were the ones she told when the light went off and we cuddled up to sleep. Gran was amazing at making up stories about everything from fairies to gardens and so on. I used to love when she would cuddle into my back with her arm round my tummy so I could fall asleep.

It was with my gran and mum I developed my love for earlobes! That was my comfort... being cuddled in and playing with their earlobes.

I know this is a strange place to leave my story for now, but I want to see if this is something that would suit being on vocal or if indeed I should find another place to gradually note down little bits about my life.

Plus_size_blondie Private
Plus_size_blondie Private
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Plus_size_blondie Private

Im using vocal to note down some of my life and it’s events. Not entirely sure why but at the same time, why not.

People only see what I want them to see while the rest hides in the shadows.

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