My Daughter's Birth

by Michael allen about a year ago in children

With a Twist!

My Daughter's Birth

It was on the 5th of January 2017 and me and my girlfriend were expecting out first due to be with us on the 6th of March but she had other plans...

It was about 8 PM and I was enjoying a new film that had just come out and I only got half through and Georgia, my girlfriend, was complaining, having really bad belly pains so I rang up the doctors to see if there was anything I could do to release her of the pains. What I received from the nurse was to urgently bring Georgia into the hospital.

Shortly after arriving, she was and her quote "used as a human pin cushion." The reason for this is that they couldn't find her vain for the cannula to be inserted. For those who don't know what this is, it's a small tube hospitals use to inject fluid into your system and medicine.

After all that was sorted we all moved into another room. Now this room was much better and had a lot more privacy to it. After a long wait to see how Georgia's blood pressure was handling the situation because she had preeclampsia, the doctors came in to tell us Georgia had to have an emergency c-section...

While Georgia was already in her hospital gown, I had to get changed into my own surgical clothing and a massive pair of size 11 bright orange crocs, which did not go well with the outfit just to put that out there. I know it doesn't matter but I still have to look good!

While entering the room Georgia was already getting prepared for surgery. I stood alongside her. I think we were both really scared at this point because Olivia, my daughter to be, would be 9 weeks early. Georgia was told to lie down and I grabbed a seat and sat right next to her. I was then told not to look while they were doing their thing but I couldn't help myself.

Eventually they safely pulled Olivia out and all me and Georgia were doing was waiting for that little cry to know everything was okay, but a minute passed and nothing. Now obviously this is a hard thing for any parent but finally she let out the best little cry and we were at ease but all was not well...

Olivia was finding it hard to breathe and needed to stay in incubation to help her through this. Georgia only got to see her for less than 30 seconds which was really hard for her. After all this was over, we returned back to the little room we were in from the start and then this happened.

The nurse came in and sat down, looking all sad and depressed. "I'm afraid there is some bad news." Now when someone says that about your daughter who is just surviving, you think the worst has happened. All that was wrong was that Olivia had to be transferred to another hospital with better equipment and facilities.

So for about four days Georgia never saw Olivia; only I did because I traveled every day for two hours to see my little girl, and Georgia had to stay at our hospital, where she was in a room full of mams and their newly born babies, which as you can guess was awful for her. Olivia pulled through and was stronger than ever. She was even pulling her breathing tubes out as a sign to say she doesn't need them anymore!

On the day Georgia was released, we both went up to the hospital to see Olivia and on that same day she was transferred back to our hospital so she was much closer to us. Olivia is now a happy 18-month-old with the true attitude of a woman. She's cheeky, funny and strong just like her mother.

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