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The haircut was always a difficult thing for my cousin, as it was difficult to find someone who did it well.

By Dalmy AlvesPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
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I don't remember a time in my life when my cousin wasn't present, we were always together and we were already fools from an early age our sense of humour was enormous.

One day my cousin arrived at my house in a hurry because at school he had been expelled for having his hair above normal and it was exam day and he couldn't miss it.

He came running, and said to me:

''Dalmy please, it doesn't matter if you're a pro or not at cutting my hair but I need you to cut me now, you don't need to draw me the entrances''

by Gabriel Pietro

He mentioned all this because the other times I tried on him I screwed up and he told me he would never cut his hair with me again...

If I was a haircut I would have been kicked out with a good slap from the customers first then the boss.

We were around 10 to 11 years old.

There I saw his affliction, cut him off and left his head as an area full of ravines, on this side, there is hair, on that side, there isn't... I confessed to a lack of skill.

When I showed him the mirror, he almost cried with disappointment, that day was kind of embarrassing but today we laughed a lot about it... imagine how he had to leave the house, he wore one of his t-shirts and tied it on his head, while he was going I kept focused but when he closed the door I couldn't stop laughing, I swear I didn't do it on purpose, I gave my best until that moment.

The next day he told me that he was able to take the test, I imagined he enters the classroom and the teacher orders the t-shirt off his head and everyone sees the state of his haircut and everyone starts laughing, but what good that it was wasn't like that.

He had to go to a neighbour of ours, which was much worse, that neighbour played the worst joke on his head, in our neighbourhood when they gave you a bad cut we said: ''the person who cut your hair doesn't like you'' it was that's what we told him.

Once the hair grew a little, he never asked me to cut my hair again, no matter how urgent it was.

It was again in the same neighbour believing that that time was bad luck, the neighbour proved him that he wasn't capable, made a mess to his head that he went back to wearing a t-shirt.

In the evening we were in church rehearsing with the choir he appeared with the t-shirt on his head and joined us, he tied it in a way that went unnoticed by many, except for me.

When the conductor asked for individual presentations, it was his turn there, everyone noticed the t-shirt on his head.

Then my grandmother shouted from where she was sitting: ''Put it out of your head, oh boy!'' he looked at my grandmother and did nothing, the elderly ladies said the same and he did nothing, so my uncle got up with an imperative voice yelled: ''GET IT OUT OF YOUR HEAD'' and he took it.

by Yuri Marcal

Everyone had their biggest laugh, it was one day that this fact made elderly ladies almost had a heart attack from laughing so much and one of them who didn't smile said: ''Oh son, it's beautiful'' that sounded like a great sarcasm of the lady and everyone started laughing too much, even today he doesn't like this lady!

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