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My Angels of Inspiration

Those that make me a better person every day.

By Sam H ArnoldPublished 3 months ago Updated 3 months ago 3 min read
My youngest daughter taken by my eldest.

When I think about my inspiration, my mind goes to one of the fantastic women in my life. My grandmother battled sexism to remain working after the war finished when women were supposed to go home. 

My mother raised a house full of love and laughter, where there was never a limit on the books you bought—a woman who still shares her joy of books with me weekly. 

Or my sister, a nurse who battled through COVID-19 working in appalling conditions and still had the energy to answer all our mundane panic-stricken questions. 

But when I thought of the true definition of inspiration: 'a feeling of enthusiasm you get from someone or something that gives you new and creative ideas', I realised that my inspiration is much closer to home, and are four and six, my two girls. 

My eldest daughter is six, and she has spoken for two years. She waits until she has something to say before she speaks. She doesn't engage in chatter. She uses speech in its pure sense. I don't want to be that selective with speech; I love gossip as much as the best person, but we could all benefit from conscious thought before speaking.

When she was two, she was diagnosed as autistic. For many, autism comes with some preconceived ideas of what these young people can achieve and what they can't. The internet is scattered with articles such as: with my daughter speaking at ten, eight is the average age for an autistic child to be dry.

As a parent, you can't help but search some of these articles. What I have learned is they are all rubbish. Your child will do these things when they are ready. My eldest has taken her targets and smashed them but on her timeline.

She inspires me to set goals, smash them, throw the rule book out the window, and do everything my way.

As determined as my eldest is, my youngest daughter is loving. She has the biggest heart of anyone I have ever met. She has been desperate to build a relationship with her big sister. It isn't easy. But she has never given up. Little by little, she loved her, and she broke her walls down. They are now firm friends.

Not only does her sister get this endless love, but also everyone who comes into contact with her. Not just us but animals as well. She would buy every animal in our local store to give them a home. She inspires me to treat everyone and everything with love and to see the good in all.

This is not to say she is a pushover. She has her limits, and when they are broken, we all know about them because she has a temper; she shows everyone that you can be loving, but don't be a doormat. She has passion in whatever mood she is in, and I am inspired to have this passion in everything I do.

My youngest is the one I can see following me into writing. She has the most creative imagination. Even the school have commented on it. She inspires me to make up new and beautiful tales for our bedtime stories every night. In case you wondered, a four-year-old is your best and worst critic. If an idea sucks, you will soon know about it.

My children inspire me to be a better person every day. To be a more patient parent, have more fun, and stop worrying about the small stuff. When I think about inspiration, that is all anyone can hope for—someone to make them better.


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Sam H Arnold

A writer obsessed with true crime, history and books. Find all my dedicated newsletters whether you are a true crime fan, bookworm or aspiring writer on Substack - https://substack.com/@samharnold

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