Mom Fail 101

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Son's Bloody Nose

Mom Fail 101

It was summer and it had been a long hot day and it wasn't over, after about two hours of grocery shopping with a hyperactive eight-year-old, who not only wanted everything he saw, but was also easily distracted by everything in the store. I was not in the mood to cook anything I had just purchased, so on the way home I opted to stop through a local fast food restaurant. I know, I know, not the healthiest thing to do, but most of us moms have done it. I still had to go up, clean up the house, and fix my husband his supper, not to mention, baths and bedtime for my other two babies waiting for me to pick them up at grandma's house. Pulling up to the drive thru, I asked my son what would you like.

"Cheeseburger!" he says, I turn to order I began with my order first but before I could get his order out of my mouth. He pipes up, "No, chicken tenders."

"OK," I thought and I start to open my mouth, and my son again interrupts me.

"No, Cheeseburger."

Gritting my teeth I look back at him. "Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure." but his smile is impish. I glance up there are at least two cars behind me by now, there wasn't any when I got in line, what should have been a quick order of 2 drinks and two sandwiches was turning into an ordeal. I was the lady holding up the line, and I could feel the car's owners behind me cursing me. I silently apologized to them in my head and I turned back to the screen and I told the lady in the speaker, I was sorry and restarted my order. When from the back seat, I hear "No, Chicken Tenders!" I can feel the blood rising to my head, I am getting really upset. I turn to the screen and say, "Excuse me while I take care of a kid." I roll up the window and sternly tell him, "The very next thing out of your mouth is what your getting, tell me what you want and if you change your mind, I don't care." My son decides on the chicken tenders and I proceed forward to the window to receive my order. I apologize to the lady again, and as she hands me our drinks I notice her eyes go as big as Frisbees they glance from me to him and back again. Following her gaze, I cringe because my child's nose, from the ten feet between the order menu and the pick up window, had cut loose bleeding and it was bleeding badly. He was very prone to nose bleeds but the lady didn't know that. I could tell by the shock and horror on her face what she was thinking, because, just moments before I had told her I was going to "take care of a kid" in my most irritated of voices. She had to of thought I was the worst kind of monster. "I promise you I didn't do that!" I asked for lots of napkins and went home and locked the doors in case social services showed up.

Now I don't know if there is a moral to this story or not, maybe it's feeding your kid fast food ends in bad results, maybe it is don't take a child out to eat if they are prone to a bloody nose, or maybe it is with parenthood there are going to be terrifying moments that nine years later, you are going to laugh about, and turn into a hilarious story.

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