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Moka My master

by Pauline Moka 2 months ago in advice

The best Dog in the world.

Moka my Master

Well it all start in September 2008, I came home from work and there he was. My ex brother law had drop this three month old dog off for my son without my permission. I did not want a dog.

My son who did major begging to keep the dog, and then Moka used his special powers in manipulating me with those big brown eyes and puppy charm. Well you know they won in convincing me to let the dog stay. It took three week to find a name for the dog and we agree Moka after my favorite coffee.

Life with a dog began. So after Moka became a family and the novelty of having a dog worn off my son ,it came up to me to raise the dog and care for him .It was argument to take the dog for a walk .Like all kids that say we will take of the dog, yes I heard that to. I was scam by my own son, warning to all parents about pets and kids.

Well I learned to hide all shoes and other item from Moka because he chewed everything insight. Moka would get a piece of fire wood and make kindling for me. One day I went to work and came home to discover Moka and my cats had Indy 500 in the house. My crystal flower vase broken on the floor and my dinning room table full of scratch marks from the cats. I could not stop from wondering about them tearing up the house. They knew they were guilty of this mess. It was funny to watch the cats and Moka run around the house. Moka did get his share of claws coming at him. But after awhile they learned to be friends together. In the morning I would see them sleeping with each other.

Then in November 2008 I got bad news from my father that my favorite sister past away . Confuse from the news Moka and I went for walk in the woods by our home. Believe me I talk with Moka to clear my heart . Moka was a god send he listen to me and was my shoulder to cry on .I never knew how much this dog was apart of my family until then. I swear that god sent Moka to us to help though the bad times. A angel in disguise .

Meanwhile my son was a teenager and had friends and was growing up and doing his thing, leaving Moka and I alone more often Moka bonded with me more and more .He became my second son. Children will leave the nest and I knew it was coming. We developed such a tight bond together, you hardly ever see me without Moka.

Moka did not needed to be trained ,he trained me instead . He had many jobs in the house security , plate washer, foot warmer, weight watcher(stealing my dinner) exercise instructor making me go for long walks in which I enjoy our time in the woods. We were a team. Enjoy each other company.

My son grew up and move out leaving the nest like all children do. I glad I had Moka and the cats. I never knew how important my Moka was to me, He gave me the strength I needed and the and love .No matter bad my day was at work it was good to come home to my Moka who loved me no matter what happen .I truly miss him.

Please let me know if you would like to hear more about this beautiful Moka.


Pauline Moka

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