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Midnight or Sunrise

by Katie Eagle 3 years ago in fact or fiction

A Story


“Mommy, mommy where are you.” I ran around the playground looking for her, and I didn’t see her anywhere.

It was getting dark. I was getting scared and cold.

“Mommy, please come back” I started to cry. I was so frightened; I climbed up on to the playground and into the tunnel. The sun went down, and the temperature dropped. I wanted my mommy, slowly falling asleep because my body was so cold. Awoken suddenly to the sound of gravel under our tires.

Chapter 1

New town, new house, new family and once again a new life, I'm 18, and I've never stayed in one place longer than two months do you have any idea what that does for my college transcripts? Well, I do. I'm sick of moving I guess that is what happens when your father dies, and your mother leaves you in a park when you’re five. This new town is small probably the smallest yet. The house is at least a pretty decent size from the outside. For, some reason I always get dropped off by the police. Not just any police though the U. S Marshals. You think they would drop me at a bus station or something. It's not like I’m a bad kid or anything. I'm a straight A student hopefully a Harvard student next year; If I play my next semester right, I will be.

When we finally stopped in front of the house. Agent Jones opened the door for me and grabbed my bags out of the back. We start to walk to the door. That's when I heard someone scream go long. I turned and finally looked around. Not only was the house big, but the yard was as well I just smiled. Living here was going to be very exciting. Not only that, but it was going too comfortable as well. This was starting to shape out to be one of the best foster care I will have ever had. When we got to the door, Jones knocked.

"Come in," we heard someone scream.

I slowly opened the door and told Jones good-bye hopefully it would be the last time I ever had to see him as my escort. He hugged me and started to walk to his truck. That's when I walked into my new home and dropped my bags off my shoulders and turned around slowly looking for where the voice had come emanated from. A woman walked out of what I guessed was the kitchen with a towel in her hands. She was a beautiful woman almost too beautiful; I shook it off and introduced myself.

"Hello I'm Midnight Silver, I know kind of stupid, but it's what my dad wanted I guess."

"My dear it is far from stupid it is quite a unique welcome to your new home, I'm Lucy Stone."

"Well, Lucy it is great to be finally near a shower." She just smiled.

"Well the other kids are all around the grounds, and my husband won't be home till around supper, which will be at seven by the way. Oh, let me show you to your room darling."

She threw her towel on the couch and started to walk toward me. She turned and started up the stairs, so I grabbed my bags and followed. We went up two flights before she stopped.

"Midnight you are the last room on the right. You and my daughter Hope are on this floor only, and the bathroom is right there as she pointed to the first door. I hope the room is to your likings and if you need anything just let me know.

"Thanks, Mrs. Stone."

"Please call me Lucy."

Chapter 2

As I walked towards my room, I pushed open the door. Against the wall was a queen bed with a black and green quilt on it. There was a bookshelf off to the right side, with two end tables and a chair. In the other corner was a desk, with an iPod and a dock for it, also laptop set up next to it. Last but not least a dresser with a mirror was next to the door. I smiled and threw my bags onto the chair. Pulling open my bag and grabbing out clean clothes and went back down the hall to the bathroom.

The shower felt so good getting so hot that my skin turned red. Running my hands over my body working the soap in then, rinsing off. I lathered my hair with grapefruit scented shampoo. I finished up and dried off and got dressed. I was towel drying my hair as I walked back to my new room. Closing the door and throwing it onto the chair. That’s when I heard voices.

"Did you hear mom and dad took another charity case in?”

"Yeah, some chick."

"Did you see her, is she hot?"


The voices were getting closer to my door. The doorknob started to turn, so I jumped on to my bed. Then, the door opened.

"What the hell? Oh shit”?

"Hi, I'm the new charity case, and you are."

"Well great, now this room is ruined.” And they walked out the door.

Well, that was just excellent Midnight way to be a bitch towards your new family. I got off my bed and put my shoes on and ran out of my room.

"Hey wait up."

They stopped dead and slowly turned around like they just heard a ghost or something. I finally, caught up and stuck my hand back over my shoulder.

"Sorry about that," I said pointing back at my room.

"Whatever. I'm Luke, and this is my brother, Dan."

"Hey, I'm Midnight."

"Nice to meet you Midnight and welcome to your new hellhole," said Luke.

"It's great to be here, it's not like this isn't my 100th house since I was five or anything." I smiled and started to walk towards the stairs.

"That many really," said Dan, following me.

I nodded my head and then, I descended the stairs. As I began descending the stairs my new brothers followed. I made it to the bottom and got to the front door and threw it open and ran smack dab into someone. I made them drop everything they were holding.

I bent down to start picking everything up when my head hit theirs on the way down. That's when I decided to look at them. He was beautiful somewhat long hair that covered his beautiful green-blue eyes, a small smile that looked perfect, and he was way taller than me that is for sure. He just put his hand out in front of me and said.

"I'm William Stone." I shook his hand and smiled.

"I'm Midnight Silver it's nice to meet you, William."

"Would you two stop being weird?” said Luke as he stepped over while Dan followed.

I stood up with a hand full of books, smiling slowing turning and walking back into the house. I began to follow him up the stairs to what I guessed was his bedroom, but it wasn't. It was a library a vast library at that. I smiled slowly because I was in heaven if there was anything I loved more to read it was to play sports and to run. I didn't realize that William was trying to talk to me until he dropped a book on the floor and scared me out of my daydream.


"It's ok I'm just really surprised."

He just smiled and nodded his head. I put the books on the table nearest me and walked towards the door.

"Hey, where are you going”?

"It's almost seven, Lucy said supper was at seven, and I hadn't eaten in ten hours, so I'm hungry."

He just laughed.

"You're cute."

I don't think I've moved that fast since I punched that kid for calling me a bitch my freshmen year. Though the next second I was inches from Williams face, I smiled and said thanks and turned and walked away.

fact or fiction
Katie Eagle
Katie Eagle
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