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Magical Castle

by Kelly Vedder 12 days ago in children

Molly 2

Magical Castle

It was time for the Bobby Family to take another vacation. The Bobby family included the parents, Linda and Larry, who were photographers. On this vacation, they wanted to take their twins, five-year olds Molly and Mark, to the castle where they are doing a project.

The parents told the kids that they were going to a Castle.

The kids were so excited. The next day they drove 2 hrs to this castle. The kids jump out of the car, like pop tart out of a toaster.

The mom called out "be careful kids." Then the family opens the door. It was sparkling and spacious.

They walked upstairs and there were a ton of rooms.

There was one room where you could see for miles.

Molly looked out the window, and she saw horses.

She asked her parents if she goes to see the horses. Her parents said "ok but are careful". Molly grabbed some apples, ran outside across the yard, and over the hill to the horses.

She fed them the apples and petted them. She loves animals. Then she saw a unicorn off in the distance.

Molly could not believe her eyes.

She went over to it and said "Hello my name is Molly " The unicorn looked at her and said, "hi.” Molly asked, "Are you a unicorn?"

"Yes, I am," she replied.

Molly said, "Wow! I’ve never met a real unicorn before.”

The unicorn was white with wings and her horn was a light pinkish color. "Where do you live?" the unicorn asked.

"My parents are photographers, and they have a project at the castle, " Molly explained. With wide eyes, the unicorn said, "I live in the castle."

Molly was pleased. "You must be part of the project," Molly replied.

"Do you know what the project is called? The unicorn asked.

Molly said, "Enchanted GetAway".

"Oh yes, they’re doing a wedding project.'" the unicorn said.

Molly could tell something was wrong. Molly said "Are you ok?"

The unicorn replied, "Well, I wanted to be part of the wedding. Taking the bride and groom to reception, and then back to the room after, and pulling the carriage. " replied the unicorn.

Molly said, smiling, "Don't worry. I will take care of it."

Molly heard her mom calling, “Molly!”

"I'm sorry I gotta go see you tomorrow."

She ran back to her mom.

"Mom, I saw a unicorn!" Molly said.

"Molly, honey, they are not real," her mom said.

"No, Mom! I did see one, and she needs our help," Molly said excitedly.

Molly told her parents about the unicorn. Molly told them what the unicorn wanted to do for the wedding. Her parents agreed to meet the unicorn the next morning with Molly.

Her parents couldn't believe it when they saw this beautiful unicorn.

Molly introduced her parents. Molly's mom said, "Our daughter told us what you want to do for the wedding. We think it's a beautiful idea. I think we can help each other." she added.

"Thank You so much," said the unicorn.

As they all walked back to the castle, the unicorn was smiling the whole way. The parents set up the camera, and started taking pictures of the rooms of the castle and the carriage, with the unicorn. Later that night, the unicorn came to see Molly.

"Thank You for talking to your parents. These are for You.” She handed Molly some flowers. Molly said, "Thanks, they are so beautiful."

The next day they took one last photo session. Afterwards, they packed up the car, and drove home.

When they got home Molly's Parents submitted their wedding photo project. They also won a destination reward.

This was a trip to remember. Molly helped because she loves animals.

By Kelly Vedder


Kelly Vedder

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