Lorelei's Letters - Letter Five

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Lorelei's Letters - Letter Five

Lorelei's Letters is a series of posts addressed for my daughter, but that have general statements that I believe everyone should hear from someone, at some point in their lives. Basically, they are letters from mother to daughter, trying to explain this crazy world, and give some advice. A lot of them are on dark topics that I hope my daughter will get through with no scars. I hope you enjoy, or at least take something from the letters. Know that no matter who you are, where you are, or what you've done, you are loved. - A mother

Dear Lorelei,

This weekend, we are dog sitting. It's not like you're unfamiliar with animals. I had a dog when you were first born. Because of our living circumstances, I had to find her a new home. But you two were close for the first few years of your life. Animals haven't been left out of your life. Your grandma Mary has two dogs and two cats, and you are constantly trying to play with Dave's cats. I love how much you love animals.

Pets are important. They add such enjoyment to life. Pets are in your life to make sure that someone is always happy to see you when you come home. They're brought into your life to teach you so many things, but by far, the first is happiness. You have a soulmate that gives you lifelong friendship. They are probably the only things on Earth that will love you so selflessly that nothing else compares.

On the other hand, the worst part of owning a pet is the day you lose them. You will never get over saying good-bye to a pet. I'm crying as I write this. Every single one will hit you differently, because they really are all so very different. Getting a new pet will never replace the old one. It will almost be harder. Always give yourself time to heal before you get a new pet. They will, unfortunately, teach you what it is like to lose such an innocent life. So the best thing you can do is make sure their life is not wasted.

Take your pet everywhere with you. If you can't take them with you, put them in the best care that you can find. Spoil them without guilt. Take them on crazy amounts of walks and to the best dog parks. Or if you get a cat, buy them yarn and cat trees and cuddle them. Spoil them, spend endless amounts of time with them. They will teach you to relax in your most stressful moments.

My point is, my little love, that these animals are going to love you in your most unloveable moments. They are unconditional. They will love you when your kids are two years old and you hate them. They will love you when your kids are teenagers and they hate you. It's important to always have someone who is happy to see you when you come home. This is the purpose of a pet.

Roxy was the dog that I had when I had you. I was very afraid of how she would react. Roxy was a rescue and a little wild child. She had anxiety but we worked on it, a lot. When you were finally born, she never left your side. You were just as much her daughter. She slept next to your crib every night. She woke up with us for feedings. She was there to help you learn to crawl. The bond that you two shared was the most heartwarming thing I had ever seen.

The bond you create with animals is amazing in the greatest way. I hope that you really find an animal that you fall in love with. I know you will. Animals keep your heart open and full. Remember that.

I love you to the moon and back my girl,


Michelle Schultz
Michelle Schultz
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