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Life with a Toddler

by Ciara 3 years ago in advice

Is it as bad as people make it seem?

Life with a Toddler

Life with a toddler: is it as hard as people make it seem or is it a walk in the park?

Before I get into this, I just want to say that all the parents out here in the world are all amazing and are doing a great job raising some amazing children with good souls and hopefully respectable soon-to-be adults. As well as everything that I’m writing may or may not be how everyone else sees it and I also may have some mom and dads who don’t agree with me on some of the things I wrote and that is OK, this is just me speaking my mind and how I witness it as I have a three-year-old boy.

So before everyone gets into reading this, please have an open mind, and I hope everyone enjoys this read and some can also relate to what I am saying.

Kids in general aren’t easy to deal with; you don’t get handed a book of instructions once you deliver this beautiful little human. Everyone will judge and have their own opinion on how to raise, handle, or discipline your child, but there really isn’t a proper way to do it. If your child is healthy, has a house over their head, fed regularly, being taught the difference from right and wrong, good, or bad, that’s good enough in my books.

But life with a toddler can be challenging, not as challenging as you may think, though. All children will have temper tantrums, push your limits, don't listen, and everything else you can think of. Kids only react off of the things they see in their day-to-day life, so if your child is doing something out of ordinary, it’s most likely something they picked up from daycare or anywhere to be honest. So don’t be alarmed if they’re doing something different, they’re just learning.

Now for temper tantrums and all that fun stuff of not listening and pushing your buttons. We all need to remember as parents that our children are learning and like to see how far they can get with things; we as adults still do this as well, just not as out there as our children do. All those times we're out shopping or in the middle of a conversation and they’re acting out or interrupting us is only because they want attention or because it’s what they see us do sometimes. Temper tantrums, do not get me started on those terrible twos or those trying threes (boy, oh boy), but that’s kids for you; they have a say as well, they just don’t know how to express it the way we do, and I think that’s what we need to remember when we’re frustrated with them for not listening or having those temper tantrums. We need to step back and think that they’re humans just like us and have feelings, they just don’t know how to control it.

All and all, toddlers are not that bad to deal with. It does takes a lot of time and understanding. They will shape into an amazing human being and there is no right or wrong way of parenting. Everyone has their own way and it will all be OK in the end. These days don’t last forever. Enjoy those troubled days, they make for funny stories when they’re older.

I hope everyone has an amazing parenting experience and life brings everyone nothing but the best with healthy children, and you all take in the days where they’re obsessed with us and want to do everything with us because before we know it they will be teens who are too cool for us and we’ll be embarrassing them for the rest of their lives :)

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