Keeping The Kids Occupied While Quarantined

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Fun Activities To Do At Home

Keeping The Kids Occupied While Quarantined

First things first, be sure to stock up on coffee or tea and some chocolate and wine for your sanity. I need both to get through some days. So that's the first thing.

Secondly, give yourself something to look forward to, such as nap time; if you have babies at home, you know they will need a nap at some point. I know I love when nap time rolls around because that means mommy can nap too. It is my favorite time and gives us a little break during the day.

Or while the baby is sleeping, you can have some you time. Relax, read, write, clean, take a bath whatever you want to do. Do it and enjoy it.

Next, create a fun to-do list for you and the kids to enjoy. As parents, we always have to be one step ahead of our little ones, so be sure to be prepared for these stuck at home days and have everything stocked up for when you need it. Like when they start to get antsy and whiney, you can whip out your fun to-do list and keep them occupied.

Here are some fun things I have on my list. Feel free to add to your list as well:

-Read some cool books.

-Watch a new movie they have not seen before.

-Make a cool fort.

-Make some cookies or brownies.

-Make a pizza.

-Color - You will need to have crayons, markers, and coloring books.

-Do an activity sheet. Make learning fun.

-Play cards. (Pretend to play cards if they are still little).

-Have a dance party. Throw on some good music and dance around the house - my little one loves this.

-Play with playdough.

-Build blocks.

-Play with bubbles

-Make a sock puppet - or some other fun craft. Easter is around the corner, so start decorating some eggs for the family.

For me, being a mom to a teenager (17-year-old) and a toddler (2-year-old), I understand what it is like to be stuck in the house on some days, and it can get to be too much sometimes. I always found it helpful to have some fun things lined up for us to do. My oldest son will even tell you now he enjoyed the one on one things the most! Coloring was our favorite activity, and it was bonding time for us too.

Enjoy these times with your little ones, and they are the best times. Just don't forget the coffee, tea, wine, and chocolates.

Corey Abreau
Corey Abreau
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