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Kangaroo Care For Premature Babies: What It Is, Benefits, And How To Do It

by megha popat 2 months ago in advice
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Kangaroo care for premature babies

Kangaroo Care For Premature Babies: What It Is, Benefits, And How To Do It
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What is Kangaroo care?

Kangaroo care is a form of care that involves the close physical contact of a Mom with a premature or low-birth-weight baby. Kangaroo care can be done with the baby wearing a special Kangaroo care garment or just being held in the Mom’s arms. Skin-to-skin touch can help preemies to grow and develop.

How does Kangaroo care help premature babies?

Kangaroo care helps premature babies by providing them with warmth, support, and close physical contact. This close contact helps to improve the baby’s health and development.

What are the benefits of Kangaroo care for premature babies?

The benefits of Kangaroo care for premature babies include:

– improved health

– improved development

– improved bonding between parents and baby

– improved sleep patterns

– increased weight gain

– Improved breathing and heart rate

– Improved sleep duration

– It helps them to grow faster and be healthier.

– Less crying

-Improves immune system

-Fight against infections

How to Safely Practice Kangaroo care

Kangaroo care is a technique that provides skin-to-skin touch to premature babies. It is a method of infant care where the mother hugs the baby against her bare chest.

Kangaroo care is a skin-to-skin contact where the mother holds her premature baby and lets it lie on her chest, skin to skin. The baby can be naked or in a diaper. The baby will be in an upright position.

Cover the baby’s backside with a blanket or jacket.

Keep the environment warm and comfortable.

Hold your baby for 1 hour daily.

If you are not comfortable with holding the baby then take help from hospital staff for the position

So, Kangaroo care is beneficial for premature babies because it helps them regulate their body temperature and heart rate, stimulates the growth of the brain and lungs, and improves their ability to breastfeed and fight infection.

When you practice Kangaroo Care with your newborn, you will notice how they will calm down when they are close to you. And they will look at you more often than they do when they are in an incubator.

Kangaroo care is a great way to provide care for premature babies. It is a form of gentle, natural care that is gentle on the baby and helps to improve breathing and heart rate.

Kangaroo care is simple to do and can be done at home with the help of a family member or caregiver. Kangaroo care for premature babies is a gentle, non-invasive way to provide essential care for premature infants. By caring for a premature baby in a kangaroo care environment, nurses and doctors can better monitor the baby’s health and keep them safe.

Kangaroo care is used to keep premature babies warm, hydrated, and fed. It is also used to help prevent SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

So with little practice, you can do kangaroo care at home for your premature baby. It helps the baby and mother both to relax and calm down.

Kangaroo care for premature babies is a great way to provide care for a premature baby. The kangaroo care provides warmth and security. Kangaroo care is effective in helping premature babies stay healthy and gain weight.

So kangaroo care is very beneficial for babies and mothers because it gives warmth to babies and mothers. Skin-to-skin touch helps in a greater way to a premature baby. Kangaroo care is very helpful for premature babies

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