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It's better to get a good night's sleep than to study hard

Good grades start with a good night's sleep

By Sal ToriPublished 6 months ago 6 min read

Introduction: For children to learn well, it is important to secure sleep.

A few days ago, Vigorously shared some good ways to improve the efficiency of studying at night with all my parents and friends. We received a lot of positive feedback from parents, but some parents reflected that their children's homework is completed on time, but they just can't sleep at night when they lie in bed.

Now in addition to the heavy school work, many 80, 90 parents of the "late sleep syndrome" habit also unknowingly infiltrated the life of children. Over time, children have also reversed their biological clocks and become "night owls". However, long-term late sleep is very harmful to children's health. Children need to get enough sleep to improve their learning efficiency, so they need to improve the quality of their sleep.

Good sleep reinforces learning

Scientific research shows that a human sleep cycle is 90 minutes, and complete sleep is usually composed of 5 sleep cycles, so it is best to keep the daily sleep time around 7.5 hours. Everyone can't live without sleep, it not only rests the body and restores energy quickly, but also consolidates the learning effect. Although our body is still when we sleep, our brain is active. It is scientifically proven that sleep consists of three stages: light sleep, deep sleep, and rapid eye movement. During the rapid eye movement period, the brain connects the information received during the day to help us enhance our understanding, while during the deep sleep period the brain helps us consolidate our memory.

For example, when Vigor once lay down in frustration because he couldn't write a story, he would suddenly wake up in the middle of the night, grab the pen on the bedside table and hastily write down some ideas that came to his mind in his dream and then wake up in the morning to read these sentences and he would be enlightened. In the long history of scientific exploration, there has never been a shortage of such major leaps made in sleep. For example, the Russian chemist Mendeleev discovered the periodic table of chemical elements in his sleep.

Even if you work and study best when you are awake, you should go to sleep when you are exhausted, because it is a waste of time to delay further, and sleep will help you to continue the next work. Understanding the important role of sleep for people, it is better to let your child pick the light to study than to get good sleep, and good grades start with good sleep. In response to the problem of children who cannot sleep at the right time, vigorously summarize some small methods.

01 do not play cell phones before going to bed

Some children like to play on cell phones before going to bed, play two games and then go to sleep, some parents feel that the child's homework is finished, theory can relax a little. However, this is not conducive to the child's sleep. If your child wins the game, he will be in a state of extreme excitement before going to bed, so it is difficult to sleep; if he loses, the mind is even more worried, how can sleep well? Some children are young and sleep with their parents, it is also not recommended that parents play on cell phones while their children are sleeping, leading to children also wanting to play. You can let your brain relax for 5 minutes before going to bed, such as listening to a while of relaxing music, so that the mind relaxes. Or you can take a hot bath, which serves as a massage for the whole body, and simply bubble your feet and drink milk.

02 Don't go to bed with something on your mind

Don't let your child go to bed with something on his mind. Sometimes parents are busy at work and come home to face the occasional impatience of their children. The child's homework is not done properly, or poor performance in school, will become the trigger for criticism by parents, parents loudly reprimand, children with aggression, and sad emotions to sleep, will disrupt the quality of sleep. Over time, this can lead to nerve problems and even depression, which is not good for the child's mental health.

03 Improve learning efficiency is the key

Just like the vigorous previously said children write homework late at night, the next day is also very confused to get up, most of the classes are spent in sleep, how can the results be good? Or some parents let their children get up early the next morning to write homework, this situation is also not conducive to sleep, which will make the child go to bed that night with a burden on their mind, thinking "what if I can't finish it tomorrow and be criticized by the teacher? This is also not conducive to sleep. It is also easy for children to get up too early and get sleepy, so they will still be very inefficient in their homework. Only if we urge our children to improve their learning efficiency and homework efficiency, and not to waste time on "grinding work", can we effectively prevent staying up late.

04 Timely adjustment of the biological clock

Some children have formed a "late to bed, late to get up, snooze in class" habit, it is necessary to quickly correct over. When your child gets sleepy in class and can't hold it up, he or she reassures himself or herself that class is over or that he or she will make up for it at night, and then makes up for it when it's time to rest. This is putting the cart before the horse, and most importantly, if it goes on for a long time, the child's biological clock will follow suit, resulting in sleepless nights when it's time to sleep, but sleepy days. If this is the case, it is recommended that you must find a way to overcome sleepiness during the day and slowly adjust the biological clock.

05 Pay attention to the influence of dinner

Children do not sleep well, dinner is also responsible. Parents are afraid that their children will be hungry and eat poorly, so they let them eat a lot at night. If a child is too full for dinner and falls asleep quickly, it will increase the burden on the stomach and intestines, and cause pressure on the surrounding organs, all of which will be transmitted to the brain, causing sleepless nights and other conditions. The best time for dinner to end is before 20:00 every day, to ensure that the difference between dinner and sleep time is 2-4 hours. It can ensure the energy supply for activities and also allow the stomach and intestines to rest. A healthy and moderate dinner with a reasonable schedule is ideal.

Good sleep is a prerequisite for all learning, and good grades are not achieved at the expense of your child's sleep. Although we all want our children to run fast, we must also understand that every child who runs fast is a child who walks steadily. Pulling up the seedlings will only make the child uncomfortable. Only if you let your child have enough sleep and a good mental state, your child will be able to concentrate in class and learn with half the effort.

Don't let the late sleep steal your child's future, every child, once the flowering period will naturally bloom slowly. As parents, the only thing we can do is to protect our children's flowering period, so that they can walk slowly and steadily, step by step, to build a good foundation of body, spirit, and habits.


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