It’s A Westside Story(Part 1)

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It’s A Westside Story(Part 1)

Brooklynn Rodriguez was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She is 24. Westside has eight siblings; Madison Thomas, the twins; Melisa and Alisa Rodriguez, and Kelly K.“ Well that’s some of our sisters.” Brooklynn is the eldest of her known siblings, but not the oldest of her unknown siblings. Brooklynn has many nicknames including; Westside, Westside Brookye, and Brookye. Westside is a brilliant young woman, and she is more of a family person. Brooklyn has a sense of style. She dresses like a girl and a tomboy, and she’s very outgoing as well as laid back (that’s if you don’t make her mad). Some of her other character traits are that she is VERY nonchalant but quick to get mad rude!

Westside lived most of her life in Brooklyn, where she’s originally from. But because our mother met my father she moved Brookye and my three older sisters to The Bronx, New York. They weren't excited to move because they had moved all over New York boroughs. Once they finally moved in with my father, it did not take long for my parents to conceive me six months later. I was named Madison Maria-Chanell Thomas because my father is a Thomas. So that meant his two other kids from his previous marriage became our half sisters. Then came our little sister named princess her real name is kinda hard to pronounce and spell. She has a totally different father because our mother left us with my dad when I was about thirteen. She moved herself to Queens, New York and she swears she fell in love with princess’s father ,

“He was kinda butt ugly if you ask me but with some real pretty eyes and a cute skin color.” He had some other kids as well but he had a big troop of brothers.

“ If I can remember correctly, her father was a twin but his twin brother was fine as HELL yo!!”

“No cap but anyways.” Princess had to be about seven or eight when this happened but I came to visit mama and to see my little sister for the very first time. I asked our mother where princess was and she answered and said upstairs in her room sleep. So I trooped upstairs and I entered her room and opened the door. “Man, this is about to tear me up to say this” but I saw my sister father’s twin sexually abusing her and I cominsed to beating his gluteus maximus!! “Yo, when I tell you I BEAT him DOWN...Literally I did!!” But he finally got away and ran down the stairs and our mother and my sister father ran up stairs cussing and asking what happened and why his twin was dripping in blood. “You know drippy drippy” So, I grabbed my sister and pushed them out the way and ran downstairs and outside with her. They followed me and I finally turned around and I yelled “WHY DID YOU LET THIS HAPPEN TO HER!!” And she slapped me and said I didn’t know. Long story short we ended up finding out that princess was pregnant with twin girls named Melisa and Alisa Rodriguez.

Since Princess was still young and did not fully understand that she had twins, our mother started raising them. Her father’s twin went to prison for about 8 years and he is out and have been out till this day. If it was up to me his high yellow ahh would STILL be in prison. No Cap! I ended up moving princess to brooklyn with the rest of us. Because our mother got strung out on drugs AGAIN for the second time. Not only that but she left princess in Queens with her father and his rapist brother! “OMG ma can you be any stupider”.

When princess and her kids finally came to brooklyn westside’s father was happy to see princess but what he didn’t know was our nieces existed. When westside said where is our nieces her father looked at her with a boggled look. “Oh I didn’t tell him about princess children my bad I should’ve mentioned them” “Oh well” He then said what the hell and it went downhill. “What D**n nieces you got?” Melisa woke up and started crying so he pushed us out of the way and said “Oh H naw these babies got to go somewhere else because I am not responsible for some other womens kids!” Before I could say something princess screamed out loud ash. “THOSE BABIES BELONG TO ME!!” Everyone looked at her with shock and intensity like we could not believe our ears. For about a long two minutes everyone stood in a frantic position trying to catch our swimming comprehensions. After those two long minutes westside’s dad finally broke the ice and said “Well I be d**ned y'all mother is more pitiful from when I first met her...First she wanted me to take care of another man's son but I let her a** know right then and there he wasn’t my child because I wrapped it up when I had sexual inercourse with that b*tch and then she wanted to say she was pregnant five months later with my SO CALLED child...B*tch please but I did however let him come over from time to time. And no I will not and will never take a DNA test because I know he’s not mine.” “But I said all that to say this if those are your kids then I know it’s a package deal so all three of yall can get out because I will not take care of you and your kids sorry.”

I jumped in and said “No hell you can’t do that to our sister she’s only 8 and she’s not able to provide for herself and her kids!” westside’s dad “Well I mean obviously she must be if she can sit up there and lay down and spread her legs. I mean hell if it bothers you that much you can dip with her because I’ve been wanting to put yo a** out for a hot minute. And finally you given me a real good reason to put you out. As a matter of fact, how about this if you ain’t westside then you are free to dip as well because at this moment she’s the only child I am concerned about...F*ck the rest of yall mane yall ain’t even my responsibility ``''No cap I was mad hurt because I could not believe he said that to us.” We stood there blankness without motion when Brooklynn finally broke the ice and said "You can't just kick my sister's out mane and I wouldn't let you kick them out" Brooklynn's dad had the most distraught facial expression on his face. Shocked in disbelief on his daughter so he went another 300 hundred yards to say this "Shut up westside and stay out of it before I smack the juices out of you!" That's the shortened version of what he said but fast forward to 40 minutes later he comes out his mouth and say "How about this since you want to be around this sick ahh family Brooklynn you can get all yall sh**t and go because im trying to protect you from your mother's crew ups...Shii if me and your mother never got into it they wouldn't have been in this world living and breathing...Anyways yall got till Friday to get out of my shii or im calling the police" Princess started tear dropping and I looked at her with a distrained facial expression and told her everything is going to be straight

Princess said “Naw dawg we officially homeless son and my kids going into the system or, I might just give them up for adoption so they can have a fresh start and get the love and care they deserve” All the older siblings and including me looked at princess and was wondering how the H-foot does she know about all that. Brooklynn stepped in and said “No princess I will figure something out so don’t worry about that just go in my room with our nieces and rest so that I can talk to Madison and Kelly K.” Princess left and went into Brookynn’s room with our nieces and me of course made sure they were ok from time to time. I looked at Brooklynn so we could start our plan of what we were going to do because it was only Sunday so we had till Friday to leave. I never thought something like this would happen.

Monday came Brooklynn and I went to see the; Brooklyn’s Human Resources, Homeless shelters, and any other programs we could find. “Tuesday” We’re waiting for a call back from a program the HR signed us up for.

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