Into The History Of A Family Mystery

By: Imani Cunningham

Into The History Of A Family Mystery
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Part 1 The appearance

I’m in somewhere dark, blindfolded, and I’m strapped to a chair. I try to move and feel my hands and feet are tied together. I’m scrambling thoughts together as to where I could be, what’s about to happen and why am I here. I begin to take deep breaths and count “1…2…3…” after that I’m thinking “Okay my sense of smell works let me try to get clues from what I can smell.” I take in a scent of repulsive garbage, I can smell seaweed, I can smell gasoline… “This must be a dump by some water…maybe I’m outside the city.” I thought. I could hear the water, I could hear the noises of birds, I could hear what sounded like distant city noise or a nearby concert. I couldn’t remember anything about last night clearly, my head hurt, my neck had a burning sensation, and again I tried to muster up a scream, a sound, anything. I got nothing.

I now knew something was wrong, I had to sit and think “What happened before I ended up here?” as I sorted through my tangled thoughts. I thought about my step sister, Lucy, who hated me with a passion, I never knew why. Every time I tried to remember more about the night or the day before, I get a sharp sting on my neck. I had no idea how long I was out. I had no idea what day it was, how long I’ve been in this dark place, all I knew was that I must get out of here. Sadly, I didn’t know where “here” was.

Suddenly, a voice spoke to me from what sounded like a speaker, “Naterri, Hi dear. You probably are scared and have many questions. I probably will never give you the answers to them but, I can shed some light onto something that might help.” I heard a door open and a person walked in, it sounded like heels and smelled like expensive perfume. “This had to be Lucy…it has to be, but why?” The person untied my blindfold and I opened my eyes to see a table with a lamp illuminating a bunch of photos. I immediately started to cry. “Why are you showing me this?! I didn’t do this! I didn’t mean-” I shouted as I was crying. The person spoke with a surprisingly calm voice “You didn’t mean to do what, Naterri? You didn’t try to rob this woman 4 years ago? You didn’t purposely have this woman beaten and buried? Just exactly what did you “try” not to do?” I froze…

“Who is this woman to her? How does she know?” The woman spoke again but this time with anger “I WON’T ASK AGAIN NATERRI! WHAT DIDN’T YOU MEAN TO DO?!” with her voice lowered she said, “I bet you forgotten all about this woman, she meant a lot to people she meant a lot to me!” I spoke “I don’t know who she is but, I swear I didn’t meant for them to-” she interrupted. She walked around the table and pulled up a chair, she sat in front of me I could only see a figure, she said “I want you to take a long look at these pictures… and tell me the lie that you didn’t mean to kill her. You liar, you’re a waste of human life, you’re a disgusting piece of shit. She was my…” My heart sunk into my stomach, I knew it was Lucy. I knew because I could hear the charms on her bracelet moving and understood her pain from the tone of her voice. I knew at that moment who she was. “She was your sister!” I shouted. “Anastasia was your sister! I swear, we... I didn’t know! I didn’t mean to-” Things got heated and then BANG! BANG! BANG! I felt my body sting all over and my eyes were open as I was floating in and out of consciousness. Lucy unstrapped me from my chair and dragged me out the door. Last thing I remember is a fist to my face…

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