How to Keep Your Kid's Hair Healthy and Strong

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Kid's Hair Health

How to Keep Your Kid's Hair Healthy and Strong

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Healthy hair is something that takes work but is a very possible achievement for any head of hair or hair type. The first step to healthy hair is to know the hair type that is being dealt with. Hair types are categorized by numbers and letters. The numbers range for 1 through 4 and the letters range A through C. Ethnicity does play a major role in the hair type that a person is born with, and the hair type is usually passed down from the parent to the child. However, not in every case does the parent and child have the same hair type, which can pose a bit of a challenge when it come to knowing how to manage and keep the child's hair healthy and vibrant.

When considering a child's hair growth process from infancy to school age, there are a lot of things to factor in. For example, the fact that some newborns experience hair loss, and this is perfectly normal and it happens because of hormonal changes at birth. If there are no underlying factors such as medical conditions, a child should be naturally achieving a healthy full head of hair according to the standard of growth each month, which should be one fourth of an inch. With that being said, there are also many avenues for a parent to explore in aiding the growth of their child's hair, and here, a few examples will be provided.

Nutrition is a crucial factor for the maximization of overall health and wellbeing. In the developmental years of a child, it is important to make sure that they are eating vegetables and fruits as well as receiving the proper amount of proteins and water. Making sure that children receive the proper nutrition will help them to develop properly and maintain an overall good health. There are added benefits to proper nutrition, with hair definitely being one of them. Proper nutrition will aid with the strength and sustainability of the hair follicles and strands, resulting in hair that does not easily break and can retain length.

Children tend to be a bit more careless when it comes to their hair because they are unaware of the importance of healthy hair. Therefore, grooming a child at a young age to implement healthy hair practices would probably stick with them well into adulthood. A great practice to start with a child in keeping their hair healthy is a hair bonnet during bedtime. Children can sleep more roughly than adults and may experience more breakage during the night because of this. A hair bonnet is suitable for all hair types, it's easy to use, and a it's great way to start a healthy hair routine with a child. Using argan oil for healthy hair is recommended along with using shampoos and conditioners for babies and young children because they have a neutral pH which will not dehydrate a child's delicate strands; it is also hypoallergenic which can aid in protecting the hair follicles and scalp. Try to stray away from products that contain perfumes and alcohol because they can dry the hair out and cause breaking.

It is not hard to tame a little one's mane, but it does take some tender loving care. Take the time to figure out what makes the child's hair more manageable and what makes it more of a challenge to maintain. Get the child involved by giving them tasks that help them participate in the maintenance of their own hair, and have the patience to nurture it as often as it may need. Some hair types do not require to be combed every day while some do. Create a regimen that is specific to the child's hair type and remain consistent with it to see the best result in growth, shine, density, and overall health of the hair.

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