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How to choose neon lights that suit your wedding theme

mr and mrs neon wedding sign

By crazy neonPublished 12 months ago 4 min read


When it comes to weddings, everything needs to be perfect, until the last minute detail. A perfect location with a perfect white gown and beautiful flowers that spread their fragrance throughout the wedding hall. One of the most popular decor items that can instantly glow your wedding is a neon sign. These glowing signs with vibrant colors can be used as a decor item or as a sign to guide the guests to a certain area. These brilliant and colorful lights may be used to complement your color scheme and theme in a variety of creative ways, but with numerous options available, it can be difficult to choose the correct ones.

This blog is a guide on how to choose the right neon wedding lights that suit your color scheme and the wedding theme.

How to ensure your neon wedding lights suit your color scheme and theme

● Understanding the color scheme and theme of the wedding

Nowadays, every wedding has a theme and a color scheme. It can be something that is close to the couple getting married; therefore, the very first step is to consider the theme and color scheme of your wedding. Do you want a European-themed wedding or maybe a whimsical one? What are the colors you have decided on, including the bridesmaids outfits, flower colors, and decor?

For example, if you are planning to have a European-themed wedding, yellow or orange neon lights could add that vintage look to your wedding decor. Also, if the color scheme of your wedding is pink, you can go for pink neon signs or a light blue that combines well with pink.

● Selecting the right neon wedding sign

Once you have identified the theme and color of your wedding ceremony, your next step is to start shopping for neon lights. You can opt for unique, customizable neon signs or more common, generic, ready-made neon signs.

It's not necessary to choose one or the other. You can use the ready-made neon signs like arrow signs to guide guests towards the dining area. Custom signs can be used for more decorative purposes.

Aside from the color of the sign, the font also plays a crucial role in setting the right tone for the wedding. For example, if your wedding has a more whimsical theme, you can use more playful and curvy fonts. For a more formal theme, stick with classic fonts.

You must also know in advance the size of your wedding venue. This will decide the size of your neon signs. For example, a small neon sign in a large venue will be almost invisible.

You can buy signs similar to this Bar Arrow Neon Sign to guide guests towards the cocktail or drinking area.

● Customizing Your Neon Wedding Lights

One aspect that makes neon lights a great decor option is that they can be easily customized to fit any style or theme. For example, if you want a specific design for your wedding and it is not available in both online and physical stores, you can easily customize that design.

You can also customize your neon sign with a cheeky quote or an inside joke that you want displayed at the wedding. Customized Mr. and Mrs. wedding neon signs with the names of the bride and groom are also a popular neon sign option.

● Installation of Neon Wedding Lights

After you've decided on your neon wedding lights, consider where and how you'll use them. Neon lights work best in places where there isn't a lot of other light because they give off a soft, glowing light that is perfect for making a romantic atmosphere.

Place your neon lights near the dance floor, behind the head table, or near the entrance to your wedding venue. Neon lights can also be used to highlight specific décor pieces, such as your wedding cake or photo booth.

● Care and Maintenance of Neon Wedding Lights

Finally, it's extremely important to take care of your neon wedding lights properly and handle them carefully. You don't want them to get damaged before the wedding. To ensure they are safe and glow throughout the ceremony, follow all the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Even after the wedding, store the signs in a dry place so that they are not damaged. These neon signs can be a beautiful reminder of a special day. You can even hang one of the neon signs in your bedroom to always remember your wedding day.


Choosing the proper neon wedding lights will definitely make your special day unforgettable. You can create a spectacular and unique aesthetic that matches your style as a couple by contemplating your color scheme and theme, selecting the perfect style of neon lights, personalizing them to fit your vision, strategically positioning them throughout your venue, and properly caring for them.

If you are soon getting married and wish to have LED neon wedding signs for your special day, you must check out CrazyNeon. They are one of the best neon sign manufacturers based in the USA. They have a wide range of ready-made neon signs in their online store. They can also deliver custom-designed neon signs for any special occasion. Visit their website to learn more about their neon collection.


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