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How to Change Flight Policy on Alaska Airlines?

If you too have been looking for the most appropriate information regarding Alaska Airlines Change Flight, this post will serve your purpose adequately.

By Emma StonePublished about a year ago 3 min read

Alaska Airlines is the leading and the seventh largest US-based airline. It is known for providing impressive in-flight services and other sophisticated assistance. Its primary objective is simply to obtain maximum customer satisfaction. Many times passengers have to change their travel plans and find ways to change flights without any loss. If you too have been looking for the most appropriate information regarding Alaska Airlines Change Flight, this post will serve your purpose adequately. Go through this article carefully and manage your traveling plan easily without any financial loss.

Alaska Airlines has three different types of paid airfares viz. Saver tickets, Main tickets, and First Class tickets. So, obviously, the change in flight policy will vary too.

Saver Fares Tickets

Saver fare Tickets are the most inexpensive, so, unless they fall under the ‘Peace of Mind Waiver’ they are not eligible for any kind of changes, cancellations or refunds. You can simply cancel it within 24 hours of booking under the general cancellation policy.

To make changes under the ‘Peace of Mind Waiver’ scheme, you need to cancel the flight first and rebook again your preferable flight.

Main/First Class Fare Tickets

Main/First Class Fare ticket holders are allowed to make changes free of cost until the flight doesn’t depart that same day.

When you think of Alaska Airlines Change Flight, you shall be required to pay the difference in fares between the previous and the chosen new flight. In case, the fare of the new flight is less than the previous flight, the refund amount will be credited to your account.

On the other hand, if you want to change your flight on the same day, you shall be liable to pay $25-$50, but you need not pay for any difference in fare. Same-day changes can be done during the check-in window, and you should request for the change before the flight departs. You must ensure that the new desired flight is going to fly on the same calendar day.

Process for Alaska Airlines Change Flight Date

If you have to change your travel plan, due to any reason, you can do so. But, to face the least issues, you must change your flight first. For this process, you need to follow the following process carefully.

First of all, you need to visit the official website of Alaska Airlines

Login into it with your secret credentials i.e. your name and password

Now, enter the passenger’s ‘Last Name’ and ‘Confirmation Code

Click on ‘Continue’ and then click on ‘Change the Trip’

Now, go to ‘Departing Flight’ and select ‘Change Flight’

Click on ‘Continue’ and select a ‘New Flight’

You need to pay the difference in Base Fare

Now, click on ‘Check out to confirm the changes

If you face technical issues while canceling your current flight and booking a new flight Talk to a Live Person at Alaska Airlines Change Flight Date through its customer support number +1-845-459-2806.

How Can I Use Alaska eCredit?

Once you get a confirmation mail you can see the ticket number and the remaining funds associated with that ticket. However, if you wish to add that amount to ‘My Wallet’ you need to log into your Alaska account first. All you need to do is

Login to your account with the credentials

Choose ‘My Wallet’

Now, enter the ticket number in the appropriate column

The fund will get updated automatically and you can use it to book Alaska Airlines flights in the future. According to Alaska Airlines Change Flight Policy main cabin, first class, or award tickets are not subjected to any kind of additional charge or cancellation fees. Simultaneously, it must be clarified that the Saver class tickets are not allowed for any kind of change. However, you can get in touch with Alaska Airlines by calling directly at +1-845-459-2806.

Bottom Line:

The central idea of this post is simply to provide you with an easy-to-understand guide while you seek absolute assistance regarding Alaska Airlines Change Flight Policy. In case you have to cancel your flight and want to ensure a full refund without paying any cancellation fees, just choose a first-class refundable ticket without a second thought. Alaska is thoroughly committed to providing all the possible assistance to all its passengers for a smooth air-traveling experience.


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