How I found out I was going to be a big sister again

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This is funny

How I found out I was going to be a big sister again

Hi my name is Tara & I have a mom & dad & I really wanted a baby brother or sister. I didn't want to be alone in this world of ours.So when my baby brother was born his name is Jason I was so happy. It's Easter weekend mom & dad had taken us to the mall to get our Easter outfits for Sunday church. I was 10 & my brother was 11 months old.

We got up Sunday morning I had gotten ready & headed down stairs. My mom said,"Tara can you please feed your baby brother his cereal & bottle while I get ready."I said,"Sure." So there I was in the family room feeding my baby brother his cereal in his baby bouncer chair that used to be mine. She went upstairs & dad had come in from the garage & said,"Where's your mom?,we're going to be late for church." I replied back,"She's upstairs getting ready." He said,"My God I wish she'd hurry up."So he went back outside waiting in the car for us.

She came back down stairs had rollers in her hair & she was dressed. I told her dad was wondering how much longer.She said," I will be ready in a few minutes." I then asked if I should grab Jason & take him out to the car?" She said,'NO I will get him,did you feed him & give him his bottle?." I said,"Yes & Okay". She went back upstairs.Dad came back in shortly after & said,"What's taking so long?" I told him she just came down stairs & that she had curlers in her hair & that she was almost ready. He looked at his watch & said,"We're going to be late." He then went back outside to the car.

Okay I know I was told to not take my baby brother out to the car but I wanted to help out. So I got my coat on,picked him up & started to head outside. I managed to get the screen door to the garage open & got us outside. However there was an obstacle in the way. There was the car & I was wedging myself between that & the garbage can. Well the lid was off the garbage can & man this baby was heavy he felt like a sack of flour to me.I lost my balance & well he ended up in the garbage can. If you could have only seen the look on my face because I remembered what my mom said,"NO I will get him".My heart sank & there he was way down in the garbage can & LORD I was trying to reach him but couldn't. I was like Oh crap. Okay I know I will put the garbage can lid on top of the garbage can & he hasn't been here that long she will forget she ever had him.She's always forgetting to turn off the coffee pot so I'm sure she will forget about him.

By the way he was being really good no crying just slumped in the garbage can. So I headed out to the car to sit in the back seat waiting for mom. Dad was flipping threw the radio stations he put on & I remember Rush Limbaugh 700 WLW Cincinnati radio station listening to this guy.Mom came out to the car looked in the back seat & said,"Jerry where's Jason?" He said,"I thought he's with you?" She said,"Oh Jerry."He said,"We're going to be late."She went back inside um NOPE she didn't forget about him. I was like OH NO. Also when he was born I asked what his name was.She said Jason I immediately thought of Jason Vorhees Friday 13th. I really didn't like his name. Just thought I'd mention this by the way.

Okay so dad is flipping threw the channels again on the radio. I said,"Dad" No response from him. I said it again,"Dad" He said,"What?" I said ,"Dad Okay I was just trying to be a big sister & he's in the garbage can."It finally registered he said,"WHAT?" I repeated what I just said. He got out of the car went to the garbage can lifted the lid then made a glance back at me like what in the world happened here.He then got him out of the garbage can took him inside came back out to the car & didn't say anything. I thought for sure he was going to yell at me or something. I began to say,"Dad I'm sorry."He said,"It's okay". PHEW nope not out of the woods yet. Here comes mom & she doesn't look exactly happy & Jason is in a whole new outfit.

When she got to the back seat to put him in his car seat she began to scold me. I told her I was sorry I was just trying to be a big sister & help & that I didn't want us to be late for church.She said,"For now on when I tell you to do something you do it."She didn't hit me or anything just explained. She then got into the front seat looked at my dad I think she was trying very hard not to laugh because she knew if she did this might send the wrong message & I might do this again.

So now were at church after wards like always everyone lines up & thanks the Pastor for his sermon. Well here she is telling on me to him. I was like oh no it isn't over she's telling the Pastor!!!!. Everyone was laughing in line. The Pastor said" I can use this in one of my sermons."He was laughing as well. I was like PHEW okay I must be okay with God. Then she tells him more good news. She said,"I just don't think we're going to be able to make it on time I'm pregnant again & LORD I'm going to need the help."That's when I found out I was going to be a big sister again.

Okay so now my sister is born.I asked what her name was. I thought if they say Carrie I am truly screwed I mean they did this to seek revenge because of the whole not listening & leave your brother in the house. NOPE thank God they named her Tricia.That was a huge load off my mind let me tell you. Those movies really can be scary.

Tara Firman
Tara Firman
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