How fish began to live in the water (German fairy tale)

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This story has been translated by MD from German into English

How fish began to live in the water (German fairy tale)

A fish lived on a ground, not in the water she was still living on the ground. She had three children.

Once a fish fell ill. Lying, poor, in her plague, can’t rise. Her children are crying, day and night crying. And the fish is already very thin.

The eldest daughter came out of the plague, standing, crying and watching, whether anyone will pass, whether will help her mother.

And here came the crow, sat on a tree near the plague and asks:

"What are you crying about, fish?"

- The mother got sick at us, for two months and lies in a plague, can’t stand - here I am crying.

Then the crow says to the fish:

"Don 't cry, I 'll cure her. Come out of the plague.

I 'll go to the plague alone, treat the fish. If your mother screams, don 't listen, if she calls you, don 't go. Screaming from her the disease will come out, immediately become healthy fish-mother.

The children listened, went away to the sea shore, and the crow entered the plague.

The crow looked there was a sick fish in the corner. The fish is moaning, feeling poorly.

The crow jumped up, pulled her beak apart, bowed a sick fish.

The fish cried:

"My children, where are you?" Help me, kids, I 've got a crow!

The children heard, ran to the plague, and the older sister tells them:

"We can’t enter the plague. Said to me the crow: "If it will be the mother, - don’t listen, if she will call you, don’t come!" Screaming out of her, the disease will come out.

“The crow will cure her” , believed little fish.

Kids listened and didn't go to the plague. Shouts, the mother-fish groans:

"Help me, kids!" The crow is killing me! Faster children!

The children heard everything. There is a terrible pain in their hearts. But they would not dare to enter the plague.

It became quiet, their mother stopped calling out for help.

The crow came out of the plague and took seat on a tree. It started to clean its beak. The kids ran into the plague and saw their mother’s bones in a corner. Then they heard that the crow is laughing at them on a tree:

- Silly fish! That 's how I tricked them.

Bitterly little fish began to cry. Then the bones of their mother were taken ashore, thrown into the water and themselves went into the sea too.

They sailed away from the shore only and the older fish looked out of the water and said to the crow:

"You killed her, you ate our mother but don’t be so pleased! You will die anyway because you won't be able to hide.

The older fish hit the water with its tail. The water rose, began to arrive and the sea flooded the land, flooded trees.

There is no place to sit down for the crow. She flew and flew, and eventually she fell into the water.

In the water the fish leaned on her, dragged to pieces, to bones.

Since then, the fish began to live in the water and living there nowadays.

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