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history of hair color

history of hair color

By بازار بازPublished 8 days ago 2 min read

In 2021 and the threshold of entering 1400, there are few people who have not used hair color at least once. Hair dyeing is not a new phenomenon and hair has been dyed in different ways for a long time. From ancient times until today, the way of dyeing hair and the materials used for hair dye have changed a lot. In examining the history of hair color, we sometimes come across strange and wonderful phenomena that are completely obsolete these days.

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Beauty is a part of human existence. Using color on the hair is also one of the things that can increase the beauty of the face. On the other hand, many people are looking for more variety in life.




Melanin hair pigments are located in the middle layer and the cortex part of the hair. Natural hair is determined by genetics. Melanin pigments are not the same in people and are a function of genes and hair color of our ancestors. Even people who experience white hair have actually lost the melanin pigment in their hair. Hair covering is such that it absorbs color and this matter has been noticed since ancient times. Hair color is one of the first cosmetics in history. Early hair dyes were extracted from plants. Henna, senna, turmeric, artichoke, walnut shell, flax, leek seed and vesme are among the most famous natural and herbal colors that have been mentioned in the history of hair color.

History of hair color

These days men like women cut their hair in different colors. From fantasy colors to mixed colors and... All of them have many fans. There are many reasons for dyeing the hair, but perhaps the most important one is the graying of the hair. Sometimes the hair turns white at a younger age for various reasons and this is not pleasant. Although dyeing white hair in old age is more popular, many younger people also tend to change their hair to a color other than their natural color.

Hair coloring in the past

If you're very lucky, you've avoided going to the hair salon to dye your hair. For those few who are lucky, we say Arayen to them. The rest of us went to the hair salon for the best or worst color, highlight, etc.

Because for most women hair color is the best part of beauty. We have been on a long adventure for the exciting beauty of hair color advertising. Just how long? Read on to find out.

Considering the Egyptians' achievement of civilization, they really surprised us when they were able to achieve hair color. They used henna to hide their gray and white hair (yes, gray hair concerns go back many years).

The first child with red hair

Red hair first appeared as a result of mutated genetics in the Dark Ages with the first Scottish redhead born. For many years, people with natural red hair color were suspected of witchcraft.

This was the case until Queen Elizabeth I came to the throne, and after that red hair became more acceptable. Nothing much changed until 1800, when the English chemist William Henry Perkin (William Henry Perkin) discovered hair dye by accident. changed forever.

To try to find a cure for malaria, Perkin made the first color combination in 1863.


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