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Growing Up With Technology

by Haden M. 2 years ago in social media

How it affects families

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I find it strange how families interact now. There is a disconnect between parents and their kids that was not always present. Older generations are constantly scrutinizing the younger generations, and they call us lazy and ungrateful. They blame us for the downfall of society, which is not accurate. Although millennials and Gen Z kids are not lazy or stupid, as said by their elders, technology has affected them greatly. It especially takes a toll on generation Z.

Technology was still up and coming when I was growing up. We were still using CD players; MP3 players were considered advanced, and the internet was still in its beginning stages. Because I didn't have access to social media or google, I went to my parents for everything. I was lucky enough to have open parents, and they answered any life question I threw at them with complete honesty. These conversations about religion, sex, and other difficult discussions created a bond between us. I felt, and still feel, comfortable talking to them about anything and everything, and because they taught me, they trust me to make good decisions. It was a mutual respect between us. I understand that not everyone's parents were as open and honest, but there was still more of an open communication than there is today.

While I am a millennial, I do have a sister, who is a part of the Gen Z population. We are very similar, and I consider her my best friend. Although we have the same parents and were raised similarly, she has a much different relationship with them. She has gotten into a lot of trouble in recent years, and I believe technological advancements are primarily responsible. Because she has not had to live without google or wikipedia, she never had a reason to talk to my parents about her curiosities. If she had a question about sex, she would look it up. If she was faced with peer pressure, she had no need to tell my parents or discuss it, for she would research what she needed to know.

While the internet provides good knowledge, it is always better to talk to someone. When I asked my parents questions, they were able to provide me with their own life experiences, which helped me make better decisions. They were there to talk me out of bad decisions, and they were someone to confide in when I felt lost or confused. Unfortunately, computers and phones cannot provide that. My sister, although the hard way, has learned to discuss these decisions and thoughts with a reliable person, but it still caused a disconnect between her and my parents. They were not able to trust her, for they never knew what she would get into.

As the years go on, technology only advances, and the distance between parent and child only increases. From my experience, I do believe parents need to control their child's phone and computer access. A ten year old should not be walking around with a smart phone, and kids should not be given access to social media at such early ages. I am extremely grateful that my parents kept me off social media until I was sixteen. I never embarrassed myself on Myspace or Facebook because of it. Because they are given access to endless information and exposure, parents are less likely to bond as well with their children. Parents need to take back control in order to have these crucial moments with their children, for technology is taking that power away.

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