Grandfather’s Hand

A Work of Fantastical Fiction

Grandfather’s Hand

The beeps coming from the hospital equipment were the only noises in the pristine room. The smell of antiseptic stung Maggie’s nose. She walked up to her grandfather’s bed. He had tubes coming from his nose, and more sticking out of the veins on his hand. She lightly brushed her slender manicured fingers along his boney swollen hand. He groaned as if to say he felt her touch.

She sat down in the only chair in the room next to his bed.

“I’m here, Granddad.” She said.

He groaned some more in response. Maggie could feel tears forming in her eyes as she reached for her grandfather. Her heart began to speed up, and the room began to spin. The white walls started to blur together, and she could no longer see her grandfather laying in his bed. She could still feel his fingers grasped tightly by her own.

The room finally stopped spinning. Maggie looked around and found that she was no longer in the hospital room. The hand holding hers was younger and smoother. She looked up at a very handsome version of her grandfather. His hair was thick and black. His smile was bright with a deep dimple on each cheek.

“My lovely Maggie, what are you doing here?”

“I don’t know, Granddad. We were in the hospital room then suddenly we are here. Where is here?”

“This is where I met your grandmother. She was so beautiful. It was love at first sight. This is my favorite memory of her.” He said.

Maggie looked around at the gorgeous club. A big band appeared on stage and played an up beat swing number.

“Why am I seeing your memories?” Maggie asked, but her grandfather had moved on to talk to a beautiful blond woman. Maggie realized that the blond was her grandmother. She had never seen her look so stunning. She watched as they started to dance together. It really was love at first sight.

As Maggie started to sway with the music, the dizziness returned. Before she knew it, she was back in the hospital, but this wasn’t the same hospital. She looked through a glass window, and saw a room full of pink and blue blankets.

“There is your mother, my girl. Isn’t she amazing?” Maggie’s grandfather asked as he walked up behind her.

“She is very cute… Umm, Granddad, why am I in your memories?” Maggie asked.

“I don’t know, but I am glad to share them with you.” He said.

Maggie smiled up at her grandfather as he walked into the baby room to hold her mother one last time. The dizziness started again, but this time Maggie was somewhat prepared for it this time. When it stopped they were still in a hospital, but in a waiting area this time.

“Where are we now, Granddad?” Maggie looked up at a man who was more familiar to her than the younger version. Her grandfather’s hair was now completely white. His face had the deep lines she had always known.

“Your mother is in there giving birth to you. You were a great moment for me and your grandmother. We loved you from the moment your mother told us she was pregnant.” He said.

“I am so proud to be your granddad.”

Maggie could feel tears once again in her eyes.

“I love you, Granddad” she said.

“I love you too, Maggie”

The room started to spin again as she reached out to hug him. They were in a funeral home parlor. The pink carpet was accented with flowery couches, and the smell in the room was musty and stale. It took Maggie a moment to process this. She remembered this place. She walked through a set of double doors, and saw her grandfather leaned over a pearl colored coffin. He was stroking the face of Maggie’s grandmother where her head rested on the lace pillow. Her eyes were closed like she was sleeping. Maggie heard her grandfather whispering to the love of his life.

“I will be with you soon, my love. I showed Maggie our dance, and Samantha’s birth. You made me the happiest man on earth, and soon I will be the happiest in heaven. You were an amazing woman. I miss you so much that it hurts to breathe. I love you, honey.”

Maggie watched as her grandfather stood to his full height. She met him halfway up the aisle. She took his hand.

“It is time to go.” He told her as the whirling started again.

They were back in his room. He was still in bed hooked up to the machines. Maggie still sat in the chair holding his hand. Did she imagine it? That is when she saw her grandfather smile. He squeezed her hand just a tiny bit. It was a miracle, and she was glad she got to experience it. She would remember it always, and would be thankful for every memory she gained.

She watched as her grandfather sighed, smiled one more time, and took his final breath. The machines cried out at the loss of life. Nurses ran in, and came to a halt when they saw that he was gone. They unplugged everything, and left Maggie sitting there still holding her grandfather’s hand. She cried and clung to his hand.

“Now, my dear girl, why are you crying?”

Maggie lifted her head, and gasped as her grandfather approached her.

“I’m fine. I’m going to be where angels sing. I will watch over you, my girl. So don’t be sad.” He smiled and slowly faded away.

Maggie dried up her tears, and let go of her grandfather's hand.

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