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For all those whose brains died before their hearts

by JOKER 2 months ago in art
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I was born at dawn baptised with dew

Yellow images of the past corrode their fading, messy lives, and as Francoise Lebrun's old woman awakens, slightly frightened and distracted, the entire expanse is slowly and gradually cut off, her hand on her husband's shoulder withdrawn in an unstoppable and doomed isolation. The aggressive black lines corrode the living space of the two elderly people from top to bottom. At the moment when the screen was separated, the old woman closed her eyes, and the cold line separated her from her husband's world cruelly and helplessly. From then on, the two old people would live, struggle and be helpless in their own single screen space.

In a broad sense, split screen refers to the simultaneous presentation of multiple images on the screen, so as to meet the needs of the director in narrative level and even create dramatic tension. The most common function of split screen in films is to show the behaviors of different characters in different scenes at the same time through two juxtaposed split screens, complementing the limitations of a single perspective and emphasizing the intrinsic relevance of two juxtaposed screens. Thus, we can see that the old woman is looking for "toys" with a certain purpose in the street shop, and at the same time seems to wander aimlessly. At the same time, the husband is creating in the house with a little anxiety.

As show voice "if is not calm, the brain will collapse, after also need to encourage to understand what has happened", as if realized what her husband got up and dressing, "it is inevitable that as we age, our childhood memory no longer as vivid as a teenager, we represent a shift in the past, the traumatic memory is stuck, It's stagnating." Through the voice of the program, the two juxtaposed views are connected, complementing the vague directionality of the old woman's or her husband's perspective. This is one of the most classic uses of split screens in movies.

A more subtle use of the split screen appears at the middle table, where the distraught old woman is startled by her grandson while her husband and son anxiously seek a solution to her illness and are exhausted. In the condition of cry, husband, hold the hand of the woman, split screen and the real content of the plot fusion, two images in the middle of the cold black lines between two worlds, and that one should have been done using single lens picture but again to be separated, the couple hold hands in a form of seemingly strong but actually full of cracks are closely linked, This is a symbol of the estrangement gap, the invisible gap that separates the couple who should be in a whole world together.

Split screen division caused by feeling clever also appear in another snippet, the couple with son to discuss, and put two pieces of screen in the center of the old woman's body is just the screen separation line, the line of sight of the old lady with the conversation moving, increasingly aphasia old woman suffering from mental degradation of inner division and borrow the split screen presents a cruel incongruity of be vividly portrayed. Not to mention when the old woman often walked alone in the dark room, the short black screen strobe seemed to symbolize the confusion and disorder of the old woman from time to time in the sober state.

“I’ve one foot in the grave. I’m already gone.”

“You admired me yesterday and I will be dust tomorrow for good.”

As one of the self-defense mechanisms proposed by Freud, "concord" refers to the transfer of an aggressive impulse or emotion to oneself, which is carried out subconsciously and manifested in both normal people and neurotic patients. And this self-defense mechanism is often projected into the self-consciousness of the bereaved, just as the expert said in the early morning program, "it is the process of forever internalizing the existence of the loved one." Thus, we can see the old woman praying and walking in a trance after the unexpected death of her husband, and then choosing to cover her face with a quilt. If we are going to old woman this action as a kind of free from the ego negative ego defense mechanisms, namely the quilt is a symbol of her husband's death after the cover of white cloth, and masked behavior seems to be a doctor with white cloth of the intimate contact, announced the death of her husband woman seems to be in this seemingly simple way of face to face with death, close to the husband has died in his soul, The couple, who have been living alone in two Spaces like two worlds, seem to be connected with each other in the face of this inevitable end of life.

"Home is for the living," slideshows of photos slowly receding from the street scene, stretching from the outside to the empty house, where the yellow light covers the bedroom. The messy arrangement in the daytime, the wide open Windows and the long and narrow corridor really reproduce the process of human trail quietly annihilating with the silent and alienated lens. The opening song repeats "We are so very Little." But the good news is "We cry, but We are together."


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I thought my life was a tragedy. But now I realize it was a comedy

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