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Fitness Tips for Heart-Healthy Kids by physiotherapy

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By Mohit ChawlaPublished 3 years ago 5 min read

Fitness Tips for Heart-Healthy Kids

If you are dreading the conversation about diet and exercise with your children, have no fear; you are not alone. Many parents do not know how to approach this subject with their kids. While parents can think of many fun and creative ways to incorporate healthy foods into their child’s diet, fitness routines seem a little trickier.

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It does not have to be that way, however. Fitness is easily incorporated into children’s routines as long as it is not a “drop and give me 20” mindset. Fitness should be fun for children. There are many ways to incorporate fun into fitness without your children knowing it.

The Great Outdoors

Sometimes, we as parents are so tired after a long day that the thought of going to the park or for a hike or bike ride is unappealing at best. However, once you begin to get into a routine of two or three times per week to venture out into the great outdoors, you will see and feel the difference in that fatigue in both you and your children.

There are many creative ways to incorporate fitness into your children’s daily routine. Studies have shown that various activities are done outdoors to burn calories such as:

* Raking leaves – not only is it great exercise and a necessary chore, what kid doesn't love jumping in a pile of freshly raked leaves!

* Shoveling snow – once they have cleared the driveway, help them to build their very own luge. You can have them clear a pathway with snow piled higher at the sides going on a downward angle. Not only will building this burn calorie, but they also get to have fun afterward sliding down and climbing back up again.

* Gardening – gardening is known to burn calories. Not only that, but gardening is also a great way for kids to plant, grow, and eat their own vegetables.

Of course, there is also biking, walking, and swimming. Take a nature walk but make it one that includes some hills through a park or woods. Let your children look for various items in the woods such as pine cones, different colored rocks, etc.

Inside during Colder Months

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When the weather gets cold outside, there is always dancing. A favorite game of children is to play “freeze” dance. This is where you control the radio and have your kids dance up a storm and then suddenly you stop the music! It gets their metabolism up without them even knowing they are exercising.


Technology has come to play a major role in the fitness levels of everyone - adults and children alike. Why not spend a few bucks on a gaming CD that will have them just dancing or doing yoga or playing virtual tennis!

They will have fun and will never even know that they are truly exercising.

Getting the Kids Excited About Eating Healthy

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Let’s face it; almost every parent automatically goes into a discussion about eating healthy with the fear of dread and failure. It is written all over our faces. We go into that conversation expecting a battle and even a loss.

It does not have to be that way, however. There are some creative and fun ways to get the kids excited about eating healthy, especially if you include them.

Make It Fun!

There are so many creative ways to get the kids involved in making healthy choices. What you want to accomplish is a sense of pride and a feeling that they are in control. Once you take out the idea that you are in control and it is their body and their choice, things will go a little smoother.

Have your children accompany you to a fresh fruit and vegetable stand. If the weather permits, get your kids involved in picking their own fruit - anything from strawberries to apples and grapes to pumpkins that is available in season for picking.

On your outing, make it clear that the foods they are picking will be the ones that they will help to make into meals.

Get the Kids in the Kitchen

Many of us from generations past seem to believe that cooking is a solo act. Get your kids in the kitchen and be involved in the act. Cooking should not be a chore for one person to maintain. Let it be a family function.

By vivek kumar on Unsplash

Teach your children how to assist you in preparing the family meal. Have them take turns chopping and dicing (of course, according to age and safety) and have them take turns to season too. There is not a kid around that does not love to add spice to a recipe.

This gives the kids a great opportunity to see how healthy cooking is fun while giving them a sense of pride and a lifelong skill. If you do not know how to cook, you will not know how to survive!

Take Turns/That’s Fair

Have a schedule of who gets to pick which meal for the week. Let your children sit down on a Sunday and browse a cookbook of simple recipes, or go online. We all know that our children are perfectly capable of using the internet.

By having each child pick a meal once or twice for the week, you give that child of the feeling of accomplishment and success. Take them to the store for the ingredients. Have some fun when you get home and sort and group your vegetables by color. Slice, dice, and parboil them and put them into little baggies for later use.

Another great idea is to have a special treat for dessert that has healthier ingredients and prepare it for the weekend. You can use things like skim milk or egg whites to make heart-healthy desserts fun and tasty too!


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