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Fat girl and a magic cheongsam

by pomfret wise 2 months ago in how to
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A frog can become a prince, a swan a princess,

Sleeping beauty can wake up with a kiss from a prince... With love, all things are possible...

The PHOTOGRAPHER XIAO ZHAO RUNS HIS OWN PERSONAL photography website. In order to increase the click rate of the website, he often takes pictures of beautiful women and puts them on the Internet.One day, xiao zhao in the neighbourhood all, suddenly, shine at the moment, he came near a pretty girl wearing purple robe, wearing cheongsam girl these days not many, but she was first-class, deserve to go up the qipao is perfectly fine, I saw a girl pulling on the top of the head over a head of long hair, white neck, is being carefree ground to walk in the street.

Keep up with the forward, xiao zhao girl apparently didn't notice him, xiao zhao pretend to make a phone call, with a tiny camera on the girls took up "loud cracking card".

Back home, Xiao Zhao couldn't wait to post the finished photos on his website. He named the girl "Little Cheongsam Fairy" and accompanied the photos with a caption titled "Tracking the Little Cheongsam Fairy". After finishing these, XIAO Zhao some excitement, this is so long since the most beautiful shot of a girl, I believe she will give the website to improve the click rate!

After that, Zhao waited every day in the community for the "cheongsam fairy". It was not until the third night that she appeared in front of Zhao again. This time, she wore a black cheongsam with a silvery-white crane brooch on her chest, looking beautiful and charming.

Xiao Zhao suddenly heart bump deer jump, "cheongsam fairy" into the nearby coffee shop, sitting at the table facing the window. For some reason, Xiao Zhao always felt that she was smiling at him. "Cheongsam little fairy" drank coffee for a while, and left, Xiao Zhao reluctantly accepted the work. These days, "cheongsam fairy" has become a popular website of Xiao Zhao, a time of the website page views increased.

The next day, Xiao Zhao went to track the "cheongsam fairy", only to have a strange thing: He found a "cheongsam old woman" is sitting on the small stone bridge in the community to rest, the old woman wearing a white cheongsam, chest pinned with a silver crane pin, comb with "cheongsam fairy" the same hair, in addition to the age difference, her face shape, figure with "cheongsam fairy" very similar! Day! Xiao Zhao is very surprised, this old woman looks at least more than 70 years old, is "Qipao little fairy" overnight become old?

In Xiao Zhao meditation, someone patted his shoulder from behind, he looked back, this is not "Qipao little fairy"? She's young again! The same cheongsam, the same brooch, the same hairstyle, different only age. Xiao Zhao looked to the small stone bridge, there has been no one, Xiao Zhao completely dizzy, he looked at the "cheongsam little fairy", no longer say a word, is she wearing a magic cheongsam?

Zhao not by some panic, "cheongsam little fairy" looked at him, said: "I have something to ask you for help, would you like to help me?" Xiao Zhao hurriedly nodded. "Cheongsam fairy" said to himself: "My name is Yuan Qiqi, just over there is my grandmother's old man, for many years, she will be here every year today stubbornly waiting for my grandfather, and my grandfather died as early as 50 years ago......"

Hearing what Yuan Qiqi said, Xiao Zhao suddenly saw the light and asked, "What can I do for you?" Yuan Qiqi lowered her head and whispered, "My grandmother's health is very bad these days. I'm afraid she won't survive this summer... In fact, I knew you were taking pictures of me all along, but you were just trying to lure you here, because you look so much like my grandfather."

An hour later, Xiao Zhao put on a white suit according to the command of Yuan Banner and came to the small stone bridge. Yuan Banner did not know when to slip away, and the old woman did not know when to return to the small stone bridge. Xiao Zhao stepped forward and shouted, "Crane Yun, I'm back!" The old woman raised her head and suddenly showed a very shy expression on her face: "Come back? There you are!" Said, she up and down to look at Xiao Zhao, eyes full of tears, a face of tenderness to close his eyes, looking forward to each other's kiss.

Small Zhao embarrassed, although he promised Yuan Qiqi to play her grandfather, but he is such a big boy how good to kiss an old woman? But just now Yuan Qiqi asked him to meet any request of the old woman, even if it was not for Yuan Qiqi, he could not bear to let her down. Thinking of this, he risked everything and bowed his head and kissed the old woman on the cheek.

After a kiss, a strange thing happened: the old woman turned into Yuan Qi banner! Looking at Zhao's surprise, Yuan Qiqi said tearfully, "I am not Yuan Qiqi, I am Yuan Heyun." Small Zhao silly: "This is exactly how to return a responsibility?"

He Yun told Xiao Zhao the story of a fat girl and a magic cheongsam:

Cloud crane used to be a fat girl, only one meter from height, weight is eighty-six kg, although the face is beautiful, but fat body like a balloon, she had tried a lot of kinds of method reducing weight, but failed, when she was upset, she saw the news online: "sell magic cheongsam, thin body dream round you!"

Crane cloud was immediately attracted, ordered a cheongsam, soon, she received a beautiful cheongsam, this is really a kind of magic cheongsam, put on it, Crane cloud figure immediately become exquisite. She tried it on for seven days. Everywhere she went, she had amazing eyes. Strangely, the cheongsam would change color according to her mood.

But at the end of the month, crane cloud found that she became an old mother-in-law! She scolded the seller on the Internet like crazy. The seller replied calmly that it was a side effect of magic, and it was not difficult to remove it. As long as a young man could kiss her sincerely when she was an old woman, the negative magic of cheongsam could be removed. And wrote and played several times "Yuan Qi Qi and grandmother's story", but no one is willing to kiss her this "old woman", until the encounter of Xiao Zhao, this just wish.

Xiao Zhao listened to the stork cloud, strangely asked: "Since you found this qipao so terrible, why don't you try to take it off?"

Tsurun immediately cried out, "No! I want to be beautiful, not fat!"

Xiao Zhao looked at her gently: "If you have to choose between someone who truly loves you and this magic cheongsam, which one will you choose?"

She lowered her head. After a long time, she raised her head and said bravely, "I choose my lover! You come with me!" Say that finish, she pulled Xiao Zhao to go home.

Home, the crane cloud let Xiao Zhao outside waiting for her, a few minutes later, she shyly opened the door to let Xiao Zhao in, Xiao Zhao saw her wearing a set of fat casual clothes, look very lovely, then happily said: "This is not pretty pretty? Not fat!"

Hearing this, he ran to the mirror and said, "I'm not fat anymore! This...... What's all this about?" Say that finish, she suddenly remembered the magic cheongsam, looking around, did not find, found only a small note on the table: "Magic cheongsam, help you slim; Find a lover and grow old together."

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