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Family Reunion

by Nelly Black 7 days ago in fact or fiction


Even as we left the bank my mind was still back at that old barn. I just couldn’t let him go now

that this can of worms was opened. I clutched the papers in my hand – the will that left me

his mama’s fortune, the where abouts of my son and family but the most important thing was

our marriage license. I was the one that was the legal wife, or should I say widow, of Mr.

Matthew Tiny. I had my Matthew’s last letter tied up in my handkerchief with the gold locket

stuck in my bosom. I’ll read it when we gets home and I’m in my room. Me and Harry going

back home now to get some of Addie Mae’s peach cobbler.

As I gets in my room and locks my door, my hearts starts racing again like I’m some young girl.

Lord, help me calm down some. I done got a little too old for this. My hands was shaking as I

reached in my bosom and pulled out the handkerchief and untied it. I couldn’t do anything but

hold the letter and the locket in my shaking hands. I was this way for a while – what? Minutes,

Hours? I don’t know. But now I’m calm and I slowly opens up the letter and reads. My Darling

Clara, You are the joy of my life. When you first came to work for us and I laid eyes on you, I

think my heart stopped. You became the center of my world and the only thing I could think to

do was go to my father. After I told him how I felt he sat me down and told me the way the

world worked. I had to marry a White woman who would give me an heir. He said that you

could never be anything more than a mistress to be hidden away from society. Then he told me

to never let you have babies because people would know. I then went and talked with my

mother. She told me that she knew that I was in love with you by the way I was always hanging

around the house and making every excuse to be around you. Then she said six words to me. If

you love her, marry her. It was her and old man Fisher that built that room in the old barn and

brought the preacher from Jasper Hollow to marry us. She gave me the locket that you have –

a gift from your mother - in - law. She helped me to keep everything hidden from my father and

the rest of the world. When you said yes to my proposal I was the happiest man in the whole

world. I didn’t know that I could be even happier than when you got pregnant with our son.

My mother even had this all figured out. She wanted only our happiness.

Now, go, My Darling Clara and be happy with our son James. You can now shout to the world

That he is my son and heir. I love you Clara Lewis Tiny.

Love, Always,


I couldn’t do nothing but cry. Tomorrow, the Lord willing, I’m going to find my son if he still

alive. But first I’m going to the lawyer about my inheritance. The ones that is on the will is dead

but I know his great, great grandsons Marsh and Marsh is the lawyers there now. I got to find

out about my family so I can make my will out too. I’m going down to the kitchen now to get

me a big piece of chocolate cake That Addie Mae baked day before yesterday. I guess two

desserts in one day won’t hurt me….

fact or fiction
Nelly Black
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