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By C S.Published 2 years ago 3 min read

Let go back a few years when large family units was just that. As a child we were told what to do where to go and when to be there. It was not discussed not and option. We as a family were expected to go everywhere as a unit. If one child went to bible school you all went. If one child walked to the market for eggs you all went. If one child had swim practice we all had it. In times of trouble we new we could rely on each other to be there. Because we were together we watched out for each other.

Now then lets look at today. At times each child or persons in a family may have events at the same times. At many different places, our organizers do not work for the greater good of our children.

There is the problem of today where the person is more important the the unit. So it means that the one or two nights when activity would have take place can be spread out to last all week and into the weekends.

Today we have single and two parent house holds where 70% or more work jobs in day time. Leaving no time between work and school release. The children have no down time they are rushed and pushed into the obligation.

Okay so what dose that do for the family? There is no longer time to sit around a table for a meal. If you are lucky and can hit a fast food restaurant your child my have a snack or a fast food meal before being dropped off at there event. While the next child is picked up only to be taken to the restaurant for fast food then pick up the other child. Some parent have more then one event per a evening for there children.

We as a group are failing our selves and are children. There is really no one yet, everyone to blame for the fail. No I am not say to go back to the olden days.

What is needed is a new way to make it work for everyone. The way it is today is broken. Not only do the children lose out. But the coaches and helper's are in the same bind as the parents. Skipped meal lost time with there own children.

Where as at one time a family could go in one group to events. Now they are spread to who know where. The times are so messed up that most people use a computer to the lay out there days and events. So they can fit every event in. Then asking friends and other parents to drive children to and from events. While missing out on watching and spending time with there children at the event.

The pandemic brought on other behavior problems children in the same family's simply can not stand to living together. They didn't know there brothers or sistesr leaving the parents having to learning how to be peace keepers. Many failed family have been pulled a part for everyone wants to please the children. Not working as a group or a unit for the better good of the family.

We as a society become so much a me and mine society that we can no longer work and play well with others. When you get upset with other children or persons because of there behavior. Is it because of what they said or how they said it. Stop and ask yourself did what was said mean the same to them as it did to you. Did you feel you were flipped off? Or were they just making a statement as they saw it.

This is just part of the growing problem if you have a good team, family it is because they have learned to work together, by being together.


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