Family Is Family

Bloodline or Not

Family Is Family

Some families are so broken that it is impossible to make amends. You were born into this family and share the same bloodline and genes, but some people find that you can have the perfect loving family and not even be related to them.

I fit this description very well because my family is broken into so many pieces that it would make up a jigsaw puzzle that would take you a lifetime to put together. No one cares that much about each other and we are so spread out across the United States that even a phone call is impossible to make.

There is little contact between anyone because we are living our own lives without interference of the others who would be judgmental and condemning of what you do or who you are married to. I have gotten to the point that if you don’t like the who, what, and where of my life, then don’t look or ask those questions.

I might look everyone up on Facebook to check out what they are doing or what they look like, but I do not contact any with them. I don’t care to because I have nothing to say to them because of how they treated me the last time we spoke. I live my life for me and my family here and not for them. I have a husband who loves me and four-legged babies who love and depend on me whom I spoil all the time and that is all that matters to me.

Now the family that I live with here has been more of a family to me than my real one including the chaos that comes along with them. Every family has its ups and downs and drama, because it is a part of human nature. I don’t know many families that are perfect and don’t have drama. If I did, I think it would be very boring because sometimes you just need a little chaos or drama in your life to keep you on your toes.

My family here are not my blood relatives, but they will have my back more than my own family that gave birth to me. No matter what decisions or choices I have to make, they advise me, give me suggestions, or support my decisions either way. I have love for them no matter how much they get on my nerves.

I consider them my family and will treat them as such because they are true to me. They respect me, trust me, and are kind to me. They need me just as much as I need them, and we share the victories and sorrows just the same and together. We are a family unit whether related or not.

Not everyone feels the same or even has the opportunities that some of us have with outside family units. I wish everyone could experience an internal and an external family unit because that would double the love and support that most people need.

A group of people living in the same household that are not related in any way can be just as much a loving family as those who are blood related or share the same genes. It just takes love, trust, respect, and support for there to be a family.

Maybe one day, everyone will have these factors with the people they call family. Don’t ever allow someone to tell you that someone is not your family because you don’t share the same genes. Whomever you share love, trust, and respect with will always be your family.

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