Family First

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How to make sure your family is happy

Family First

Food is medicine to the soul. Having a family that you have to prepare for can sometimes get overwhelming, but just with the perfect meal prep and a few dinner ideas you can make easy and quick recipes for the entire family to enjoy. There are many different websites and pages you can go on to find recipes, but I will give you a few simple and quick recipes for the entire family to enjoy.

Breakfast Is the Most Important Meal of the Day

For beginners, one of the quickest and easiest things to cook for breakfast is grits! One of the coolest websites to get yummy recipes from is the Longevity Paradox millet grits recipe website. There are so many fun ways to create different types of grits. Another fun food to go with the grits for breakfast that’s really quick and simple is pancakes! You can get so creative with pancakes by adding cinnamon for example. Also you can make different cartoon characters while adding the batter to the skillet, which could be really fun for the kids. To top off your pancakes, you can use fruits to make fun faces for the kids and then have fruits to the side for the adults, making it a quick and easy family meal. One of my favorite parts of breakfast is having eggs Tonio with it. You can jazz up your scrambled eggs by adding in chees,e and I can guarantee that your family will be satisfied with the first and most important meal of the day.

Teaching Your Children

Before your children even start school, their brain develops the most. Most research shows that by the age of 2, brains have developed an average of 80%. It is so important that you are already working with your kids on learning before they even enter school. Children as toddlers can pick up so much information. It is important to start their learning development as soon as you can. Elementary is a crucial learning periods for your kids. Keeping your children on a schedule will help them be the most successful. Making sure you have time for you kids is also very important. Your children need to know that you are there and willing to help them. After school is a great time to have your children tell you about what they learned at school. It is a great time to help them finish up some homework and make sure there is learning even outside the classroom. Parents that help their kids with homework show the children that they are loved and cared for. They know their parents will support them through everything. This concept is important to teach them at a young age and will help them grow up.

Keeping Your Kids Active

One thing that has been a struggle for the last half of a decade is getting your kids to be active and move. With so much technology development, there are so many new kinds of distractions for kids. Kids are being less active and spending more time inside and sitting playing video games. It is so important to get your kids moving because it will help them develop skills that they will need the rest of their lives. Getting your kids into sports and other activities allows them to get the exercise and movement they need everyday, but also the opportunity to get along with other children. People skills are very important. When children are able to develop these at a young age, it isn't as hard for them to keep these skills up until adult years. These activities allow them to live a healthy lifestyle and make habits to keep that lifestyle for the rest of their lives.

Sasha McGregor
Sasha McGregor
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