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Factor to Consider Before Hiring The Commercial Moving Services in Surrey Bc

Best Commercial Mover in Surrey Bc

By mikesmithPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
commercial moving services in surrey bc

Moving is a complicated and demanding process, whether commercial or residential. Cost and time management are the main aspects that make it challenging. However, choosing the right agency is also crucial, especially when you have to entrust them with your valuables.

Offices and businesses also move to better locations from time to time. If you intend to do the same for the growth of your brand, this article will help you choose the right commercial moving Services in Surrey BC.

Difference between Residential and commercial move:

As the name suggests, a residential mover only deals with relocating your house or apartment. They can provide packing, transportation, and home assembly services. On the other hand, commercial moving companies deal with commercial sectors such as offices, shops, clinics, or even more extensive projects such as buildings and shopping centers. If your office needs to be relocated, you should turn to the best commercial moving companies. The following factors will help you select the ideal agency for your business.

Factors to consider before hiring commercial moving companies:

Just as you always buy from a reputable company to ensure product quality, hiring the right commercial movers in Surrey is mandatory to ensure your move is safe and successful. The following factors will help you find the best agency near you:

1. The type of move

Moving companies differ just as much as the types of movers. It can be residential or commercial or a full-service agency that covers both. If you need to relocate your business/office, you will choose a commercial or a hybrid one. This will make your range of choices shorter. Distance is also essential in the move, as it determines the cost and time. Therefore, there are two types of moving agencies depending on the location of the new parcel; local and long-distance travel. You should hire local moving companies if you only want to move a few blocks away or within the same city. Likewise, if you travel more than 50-70 miles away, your travel is considered long distance.

2. Experience and reputation

A high market reputation comes from happier customers. It says that a company delivers quality results. Also, more experienced companies are less likely to cause problems and are more professional.

3. Cost comparison

Money is always an essential factor. You'll want to look for affordable moving companies in Surrey, but not cheap. Affordable moving companies have no hidden costs, and the quality of their service is also excellent, sometimes better than the expensive ones. Also, it's best to weigh your items at home and get a flat rate for the total weight.

4. Security and insurance

Safety comes first in any department, especially when moving around where valuable and expensive items are involved. If you want your move safe, choose a company with full-value protection insurance. Under this insurance, the agency will take care of your item if it is broken, damaged, or altered in transit.

5. Additional facilities

Full-service moving companies also offer home packing, unpacking, and assembly services. If you don't have many adults to help you pack or assemble your furniture, you can choose a moving company that offers these extra services. They are experts at the task and have safer packing materials.

6. Customer Service

All of the above factors are required. However, if a company doesn't value its customers, what's the point? We encourage you to choose a company with excellent customer service characteristics, such as:

• 24/7 emergency support

• Ease of booking and payment

• Flexible scheduling

• Returns and guarantees

• Transparent method of registering complaints

• Good behavior of staff, workers, and drivers

• Quick results and answers to questions

7. Vehicles:

Some companies are transparent with their services and policies. However, if an agency is not, you can always ask them to show you their cargo vehicle. As long as the truck is the latest model and in good condition, your belongings will travel safely. You can also ask if the transport is insured and check your driving license.


Make moving houses quicker and more accessible by choosing your business's best commercial moving services in Surrey Bc. To make your selection more accessible, we have mentioned a few essential factors that help determine whether a company is worth hiring. One such company, in our view, is Big Boy Deliveries. It also provides many additional benefits and ensures safety above all else. You also want to take your time with your valuables.

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