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Dorie, The Girl Nobody Loved.

Sometimes love is right in front of you and you just don’t see it.

By Autumn BrownPublished 3 years ago 5 min read

This is not a philosophy, idea, or concept. This is a true story about a little girl that, literally, nobody loved. The story of a girl who desperately wanted to be loved by her mother and father. Who wanted to be loved by anyone, just one person to look past her outward appearance and love the girl inside. This book is called, Dorie, the Girl Nobody Loved, by Doris Van Stone. The first setting starts out in a dark, dumpy, apartment. Seven year-old, Dorie and her younger sister, Marie, are there while her mom is out. Dorie’s mom loves Marie, but not Dorie and she told her many times why. You are ugly Dorie but your sister is pretty, and when her mother would go out for the day she would threaten Dorie. “If any harm comes to your sister, you will regret it!” That was Dorie’s life, but not for much longer. Evidently, Dorie’s mom wanted to be rid of her for good. Talking kindly to them, she led them to an orphanage. She hugged and said “I love you” to her youngest daughter then walked away leaving the two there. After this orphanage, there is another, and foster home after foster home for Dorie. Her sister was cute enough to be adopted, but not Dorie. Nobody wanted her. This young girl cried herself to sleep at night and felt rejected from every angle. At some point, she is put in a foster house where she is treated like a dog. She is fed scraps and bones leftover from the meal and beaten fiercely any time the foster parents are angry. She slept on the floor hugging herself, crying from rejection and the painful bruises and welts all over her body from the belt. She is passed on yet again because the authorities soon discovered the abuse of Dorie from her school teacher, who found the marks on her back, neck, and legs. So the story goes on is a similar manner of misery. After a while, Dorie even finds her mother she loved so much that dumped her at an orphanage, working at a restaurant. She goes in to tell her “I’m sorry, Mom. I love you!” and there in front of everyone she disowns Dorie saying “You are not my child!” Heartbroken yet again, Dorie gets shuffled away. When I read this book I can’t help but cry for this little girl, who all her life has known pain, misery, rejection, uncertainty, and flat out hatred. My heart aches for her every time she is cast aside and let down, beaten and yelled at, and denied the love she very much needed. But reading this has also brought a new light to my life. It brings out for myself to see, how loved I am by my family and by my friends. Dorie was not loved or cherished by anyone until towards the end of the book when she is taken in by a pastor and his wife who loved her dearly. They bought her nice clothes, gave her a bedroom of her own, fed her as if she were really one of their own children. As wonderful as that is, her story doesn’t end there. More pain is yet to come when she finds her father, who loves her for a time, then despises her and then too, disowns her. At this point I look at my own parents. They love me. They never treated me with ill will or hatred. This book, Dorie, the Girl Nobody Loved, really makes me feel grateful and accepted. I never had to deal with all the things she did. If there is ever a time that I feel like nobody cares about me, reading this book educates me in a whole new way, every time. I highly recommend this story to you! You may feel as though nobody loves or cares for you or maybe you just need something to lift your spirit up a bit when you are feeling down. Either way this book has been eye-opening. It has taught me love comes in many forms and we all need it. If you aren’t one of the many who have read this book, I do suggest that you should definitely consider giving Dorie’s story a try at warming your heart and bringing out all the love in your life! It has answered my question on the days I am down. “Does anybody love me?” The answer is yes! Sometimes we just over look it. I hope that this helps you in the same way is has helped me! You can find this book on Amazon as a book or ebook. Here is the link: https://www.amazon.com/Dorie-Nobody-Erwin-W-Lutzer/dp/0802422756

I have been living in Africa for the past two years with my family. We moved from the states and landed here on June 2. Just yesterday, June 16, my adopted grandfather passed away. It was one of the hardest moments in my life. I loved him so much! He was 74 years old and he suffered a stroke exactly two weeks prior to his passing. I find comfort knowing that he knew I loved him and that he loved me. Love isn’t just a word and people use it too often in meaningless phrases. Love is wanting what is best for someone even if it hurts you. My grandfather, though I wish he was still with me, was in a hospital for two weeks. He was tired and in pain, and his left side was paralyzed with his stroke. He is in Heaven now. Even though it hurts me knowing I have to wait before I see him again, I know he is happier than he has ever been and one day I will see him again. You know you love someone, but sometimes you don’t know how much you love them until they are gone. May this book help you see how much it matters to show your love for those around you and help you feel loved, because you are. I love you my sweet grandfather, Mr. John. ❤️

My grandfather, Mr. John

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