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Do you Prefer Movies Or Books??

by Eva 2 months ago in book reviews
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Find out what I prefer and why in this persuasion piece.

Do you Prefer Movies Or Books??
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Have you ever read a book and then watched a movie based on the book? Was it accurate? Were the characters as described in the book? I think books are way better than movies. I have three reasons to convince you. Those three reasons are the accuracy of movies, the health conditions involved, and how books are easier to travel with.

My first point is about the accuracy of movies. Have you ever asked yourself, what if the bible was a movie? If the bible was a movie then I don’t think it would be very accurate, there are only a limited amount of actors, so the looks will probably be wrong. No one who is alive now has seen Jesus or the people in the bible. This means if someone tries to make a movie based on the bible, then they will just guess what they looked like. Another thing about the bible is that it is very long. If you based a movie on the bible then you would have to make about 66 movies; one for each book. Even the books are long. Take Psalms for example, there are 150 chapters in the book and one of the chapters (Psalm 119) has about 176 verses. If there was a movie based on the bible, you would either have to make one movie per chapter (not book) or miss out on a lot of stuff and details about the stories in the bible. I think that every part of the bible is important.

Secondly, movies aren’t the best for your health. I am sure most of you heard people talking about why technology is bad for you. Most of you would have heard the speeches. Like people said in their speeches, technology is bad for you. And well, surprise! TV is technology. Watching a movie is being on technology. Technology is addictive, bad for your eyes and can sometimes give people depression. Like Mrs Cargill’s fact sheet said, those who engage their brains through activities such as reading could be 2.5 times less likely to develop Alzheimer's disease than those who spend their downtime on less stimulating activities, such as technology.

My third and final point is on how books are way easier to travel with than movies. Like Matthew said in class, just download it on a computer. Two things about that. First thing, what if you don’t have a computer? Second, if you want to download a movie legally, you have to pay. What is the point of paying for a movie that you are only going to use once or twice? You might ask, why not just use Netflix or Disney plus? Well I think when you are travelling you shouldn’t be on a device watching movies or playing games. If you are travelling for work then you should be doing work. If you are travelling for vacation with your family, then you should be spending time with your family. There are not many times in life when you get a day away from technology. Lots of families are too busy on technology to spend time with each other. I think when you go camping with your family, then you should make it a device free camping trip; spend time with your family, and have fun away from devices. Read a book every so often, rather than being glued to a TV.

In conclusion to all of these points, I think that books are better than movies. In fact, I know books are better than movies. Movies are bad for your health, they are not accurate, and traveling should be device free (unless you need it for work), also it is easier to travel with a book.

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