Dear Me In 5 Years...

An eye-opening letter to my future-self.

Dear Me In 5 Years...

Hey you! It's been 5 years, time goes by fast right?!


Are you still waking up thinking you're ugly?

Are you still spending nights thinking that nobody loves you?

Are you still upset at that 88% you got on that science exam?

You might remember the teenage you that used to use everything as an excuse to be sensitive. Well I hope things have changed by now.

I just wanted to remind you, my future-self, my future-successful-happy-self, that it's going to be alright. Regardless of the fact that those bratty 9 year old girls stole my blue crayon in 4th grade, or those 12 year old girls calling you a gorilla. You have something that they never had, patience.

All those girls wanted to do was manipulate me and make me feel worthless and disgusting. I just want to point out to you, that you got over it. You held your own hand and walked right out of that mess. You have now left a mark of your greatness onto society, and you will outshine all those who try to take your shine away. You are so perfect and unique. And every time your 8th grade teacher pointed out that you have a gift of writing and creativity, he was right. I know wherever you are, however you are; strong or miserable, you have the ultimate key that you have used, or have yet to use; the key of happiness.

You have out shined those pathetic 14 year olds that would walk by you with pride; thinking they were more superior than you were. But by now, I am absolutely certain that you have figured out that you are just as, or even more superior than they were, or ever could be. You are in your most beautiful and successful state.

I hope that by now, you have learnt to embrace your "flaws," even though they were just things that were apart of you that you viewed as flaws.

I hope that by now, you have learnt to cherish those precious moments that you thought were tough times. I hope you look back and think of all the great opportunities to practice character those moments had brought you.

I hope you now have learnt the importance of family. You only have one set of them, cherish them and know that they have made the happy, beautiful, and successful you. Despite all the disagreements you had with your mother, she still looks at you and thinks of how amazing you turned out. Despite all the immature and pathetic fights you had with your twin and little brother, I know that they are still grateful to have your amazing-self as their sister. Despite all the spoiling done by your father, I know that he is still extremely proud of you, and is happier for you than you are of yourself.

I hope that you now know that having one or two best-friends that support, love, and help you realize your stupid mistakes are much, MUCH better than having 10+ friends that only use you for different purposes, and cheer you on every stupid mistake you're about to make.

Please, please, please, PLEASE never think of yourself as a pathetic loser. You are many things, a dramatic queen, a clumsy sister, a stupid daughter, but you are NOT a loser. I hope that you have embraced all the acne you had now because you are absolutely stunning.

I hope that you have devoted your life to helping others, and continue to ask for forgiveness and spread positivity. I hope that you have now realized that the beauty of another women's beauty is MOST DEFINITELY not the absence of your own. Continue to make your life an epic masterpiece.


Your stupid teenage-self,


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We pathetic, but we also aesthetic.

- me

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