Daddy Issues (Part 2)

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Daddy Issues (Part 2)

If you haven't read my original Daddy Issues story, you should do that before reading this one. I promise it will help you understand it better.

The last story left off where my mom had found out that my father (Kenny, as I refer to him) had been cheating on her with her best friend/boss for almost a year.

After my mom had found the letter, she called him to come home immediately and they proceeded to have a screaming match in the living room where he blamed her for his infidelities. Typical Kenny—not taking the blame for anything; but I'm getting ahead of myself. He stormed out of the house after an hour or so and my mom, rightfully, threw all of his belongings onto the front lawn.

He left his wife and his newborn adopted baby for his wife's best friend. They proceeded to get a divorce and in the process, my mom almost lost me because they adopted me through a Christian adoption service and they did not believe that a single mom was a good fit. Thanks to all of the people that were involved with us in the church, the investigation ended and she was allowed to keep me.

After this, my father never came around me. My mom had to beg him to come see me for an hour because I needed a father figure, but he wanted nothing to do with me—that is until my stepdad, Michael, came along.

Michael (or Dad—I call him both) stepped into our lives when I was almost 3-years-old. When Kenny got wind that another man was taking care of his child, he got jealous and possessive, coaching me since I was very young to never think of Michael as a father figure. Of course, as any jealous man would, Kenny started coming around me more and would only visit if it was convenient. My mom's biggest regret to this day is not asking him to just stay away permanently.

You know those moments in life where you think "I know God would not allow someone so evil to procreate"—we thought that too.

When I was just a few months shy of 4-years-old, a medical miracle had occurred. Kenny and his mistress, Trina, had a baby named Danielle. Danielle is, to this day, a gorgeous, exotic-looking human. Long dark hair, bright green eyes, olive tan skin. On the inside, though, she's as cold as Antarctica.

Since Danielle was born, I had been put on the back burner.

Fast forward to when I started middle school. I had started competitively dancing with a company and I loved it. I loved spending seven days a week in the studio with my friends. It was my home. Danielle, having to follow me in everything that I did, came to the same company which forced Kenny to see me more than the "every other weekend" arrangement that the courts determined. Along with dancing for the same company, it included spending weekends in the same area for conventions, competition, rehearsals, etc.; so it's safe to say that there was a lot of unwanted time together within the confines of convention centers, auditoriums, and studio rooms.

My seventh grade year of middle school, our company had been invited to attend nationals in Myrtle Beach, SC. The entire company was there, including my father. You would think that a father would want to see his children dance on stage for all their performances, but it was evident that I was exempt from that. Anytime that I would perform, he would either be walking around the building not watching, or he wouldn't be in the building at all. But when I missed one of my sister's performances because of a quick change backstage, I would be scolded for it. He missed solos, duos, small groups, productions, me winning titles, first place, and scholarship money but I was the one not being supportive.

As I was walking off stage after winning Teen Miss Karr for my solo, I was immediately scolded in front of many dancers along with their parents on how I am an awful daughter/sister because I had missed my sister win third place in her trio in the other room. Crying, crown on my head and all, I walked past him to my mom. We left the building and I didn't look back. It was then that I realized that I did not want to be around my father anymore. The emotional torture was exhausting.

Stay tuned for part 3!

Kinlie Worthen
Kinlie Worthen
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