Daddy Issues

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You won't believe this.

Daddy Issues
The man in this picture with me and my mom is my stepdad, Michael. He raised me from the time I was 3.

Since this is my first story I've ever written, I believe that it is only fair to me if I tell this horrific story of my father (who really isn't my father in any way but we will get into that) and all that he has done to me and my mom over the 20 years that I have had contact with him.

To start off this story, I believe that it will be best understood if you have the entire picture. So this part, one of many, will just be the backstory.

My mom and father (whom I will call Kenny for the remainder of this story) got married around the time that my mother was 20 years old. They had dated all through high school so everyone knew this would eventually happen. Being the manipulative person that he still is to this day, he has always had a way with women; flirting, staring, and groping and what not. My mom being a victim to his charm and lies was blind to his flaws and didn't understand why her female friends did not want to come around her anymore when she was with her husband.

My parents "tried" to have a baby for 8 whole years. I say "tried" because she desperately wanted a baby and it is now clear that he did not and it was to his relief that they were both infertile. They decided to apply for adoption around the end of 1994 or the beginning of 1995 (I'm not quite sure) and got word that they had a mother that was wanting to give them her baby in the first week of October 1995. Little did my mom know that her husband was bedding her best friend/boss, Trina. When it came time for me to be born, my father and his mistress were in a closet somewhere in the hospital hooking up while my mom was in the delivery room with my birth mother holding her hand and being excited about being a mom.

I know what you're thinking and I wish I was making this up.

A couple of weeks later, the church held a baby shower for me and my parents and my mom invited everyone she knew. During this shower, Kenny at some point gets up from the festivities to change my diaper and Trina had told him that she would help and they disappeared in the back room. One of my mom's friends attending the shower accidentally walked in on them tearing each other's clothes off while they were supposed to be changing me. Knowing that it was none of her business, she said nothing of the sort until much later down the road.

If you go on to read the other parts of this story, you'll soon understand that Kenny is awful with money, but he also started a landscaping business with my mom before they had me that catered to businesses and large contracts. Since he dealt with the business and my mom was a silent partner, he took it upon himself to deal only in cash so that he would be able to fool the IRS into paying less taxes for the business.

My mom had gotten wind the affair but she didn't know who it was or how long it had been going on; he wouldn't tell her but only said that he wanted a divorce when they had just adopted a newborn baby a couple of months earlier. Speaking with a divorce attorney, he advised my mom to start keeping record of what Kenny was spending on the business so that could be used in court so she could get half of the business (or something of the sort because I'm not really sure how divorces work). Kenny is a firefighter so he had come home one morning from a shift and left his work bag in the bedroom and had left for the day. My mom, trying to get information about the finances, went to look in his bag for receipts for the business. Instead, she found a letter he had written to her best friend/boss about the love that they shared and how he was going to leave my mom and they were going to Disney World with the money that he was getting from the divorce.

Stay tuned... it gets juicier.

Kinlie Worthen
Kinlie Worthen
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