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Custom light-up signs for kids' rooms

Neon light prices

By crazy neonPublished 4 months ago 3 min read


Nowadays, parents strive to provide their children with the finest of everything. However, if you are limited on time, money, or decorating talent, it might be difficult to distinguish your child's room from the ordinary one.

Toys and clothes are frequently crammed into children's bedrooms. This chaotic environment creates chaos and detrimental effects on your child's mental development and emotions.

Fortunately, there is an affordable and enjoyable answer for all parents who desire the best for their children. Custom light-up signs are one of the quickest ways to transform any area into an appealing and entertaining environment for your children.

Custom light-up signs for kids' rooms

Children adore bright neon lights. You may acquire neon lights online these days from a variety of places. You may personalise them by changing the colour, pattern, or design to create the ideal personalised neon sign for your child's room. Neon light prices range between $250 to $1000, depending on your chosen design. These lights are inexpensive and require little upkeep. Here are a few of the most vibrant neon light selections for your child's room:

1. Angel Heart with Glowing Wings Neon Light- This sign tells you that the angels are watching over you and guarding your every move. This neon sign light is ideal for people linked with goodness and innocence, and it would look great in any child's room. If you're seeking a means to express your feelings to those you care about, these two combined symbols might be just what you're looking for. Because they employ high-quality LED tubes, these neon signs are both eco-friendly and safe. They produce no heat or sound and are extremely energy efficient.

Angel Heart With Wings Glowing Neon Light

2. Rainbow Heart Neon Sign- Create a spotlight, fill it with light, and liven up the space. It may be readily placed in any place to create a colourful atmosphere. Get your personalised light in any size you desire today. This neon sign is composed of a long-lasting LED, resulting in a safe design with no heat or noise. It can also be wall-mounted or set on the ground for increased visibility. Decorate your children's favourite room with their favourite colours to add warmth and joy.

3. Rainbow Neon Sign- This LED neon light is ideal for decorating your child's room. This light, made of high-quality materials and consumes less energy, may be placed anywhere in the home. The lengthy lifespan means you won't have to worry about replacing the sign anytime soon, and they're also reasonably priced. This piece of neon light will help you arrange your kid's space and bring enjoyment and a grin to your child's face. You can even use it as décor or to decorate the cake table during a celebration. The seven colours are ideal for parties, and this sign would complement any design style.

4. Butterfly Neon Sign- This vibrant and modern LED butterfly light is ideal for your child's room. It consumes little energy, making this sign highly long-lasting. They're attractively designed and have amazing decorative potential, providing a splash of colour to any room or occasion! This butterfly neon sign is not only adorable, but it is also excellent for business use. It will give your area the vibe you've always wanted while also making it stand out from the crowd. The atmosphere that will be created in your place is likewise amazing. It's energetic, new, and full of fun. These lights can also be customised to meet your specific requirements.

Butterfly Neon Sign

Final Thoughts

If you want custom light-up signs for your home, keep in mind that prices will vary based on the design. If you're looking for more designs, head over to Crazyneon and buy neon signs at an affordable range. There are numerous designs to pick from. Please hurry and grab yours now!


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