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Controversial Parenting

by Nerissha Hunt 6 months ago in children · updated 5 months ago
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by: Nerissha Hunt

It takes two to make it and two to break it. That’s the saying, right? So why is it that when children are growing up and parents split up, the blame game starts. Deadbeat fathers is all you hear. But what about a deadbeat mother? No one ever talks about that. You become a mother the day you find out you are pregnant and then the baby is born.

There are single fathers and single mothers. It’s hard being a single parent. I have seen some single fathers out here that work their behinds off to make sure that the children have what they need. There are single mothers that do the same. One thing I want to clarify: A woman can raise a man. People have a bad habit of saying it can’t be done but it can. My mother did it and my brother, God rest his soul, turned out just fine. There are other mothers that have done it too.

Just like a woman can raise a man, a man can raise a woman. Let me clarify. A mother can raise a son and a father can raise a daughter. A mother may not be able to play ball with her son or anything else that men do but she can teach him to respect women, teach him that he must work to provide for a woman and teach him to make something out of himself.

A father can raise his daughter to respect herself. He can raise her to be a lady, wait on the right man and how to be strong and independent. Parenting is not one-sided, but some people make it seem that way. It’s all about the children.

Child support is government assistance. Use it to support your children. Some women have a tendency to use it as a weapon to make a man do what they want him to do. Out of anger, saying "I'm gonna make you pay child support." A child is not a dollar sign, so don't have children just to get government benefits. The government is not obligated to keep you up.

As a mother, it is our responsibility to make sure that the child is taken care of. It doesnt matter if the man is there or not and women, stop trying to force him to be there. You can't force a man to love you. If he leaves, let him go. If it wasnt meant to be, then it wasnt meant to be. I don't understand the baby-daddy baby moma drama thing, so I wont speak on it.

One thing I do know; a child does not choose their parents. So, dont punish the child for your decisions, good or bad. Don't use the children as a weapon either. What I mean is, dont tell your child, "daddy didnt love us", that is why he's not around. Dont tell your children "moma didnt love us", that's why she's not around. Be honest with the children.

No, I'm not a parent. These are things I hear all the time and it frustrates me that people do things like this. The blame game wont solve anything. Stupid feuds between the two of you won't solve anything. Think about the children.

Mothers and fathers have equal responsibility for these children, hence the word parents, not parent.What fires me up is a woman that will not take care of her children. This is what I call, a deadbeat mother.

To conclude my story, I say this. Parents, stop labeling each other as deadbeats. Because children are a gift from the man above. Let go of the past and move on to the future because you hinder your progress if you continue to regress (stay in the past).


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Nerissha Hunt

I am 38 years old. What people think inside their minds, I say out loud. I have a unique writing style. I think that when you write a story, it should have a concept behind it.

We all have a creative side, so, show it. Dare to be different.

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