Cloth Diapers Update

This is a very honest post about what I think as a mother who has used cloth diapers.

Cloth Diapers Update

This post is for all of my mothers who follow my blog. If you a frequent reader of my blog and have read my original post: Why we switched to cloth diapers; you are aware that my family made the switch to cloth diapers a year ago. I wanted to give you an update and discuss: the reality, struggle and real talk that comes from using cloth diapers.


Do not read this with a closed mind/heart. This is a very honest post about what I think as a mother who has used cloth diapers. If you continue to use disposable diapers on your child because of A. You don't think that disposable ones are harmful B. You don't want to make the time for that extra workload or C. Refuse to pay the higher upfront cost; that fine and Do You! Like I said, it's my thoughts for my child. Every mother knows what's best for their own children.

Our struggles

A few months ago, our dryer died on us and then a few weeks later our washer. Since the town that we live in does not have a decent laundry mat, we had to wash Delilah's and our all clothes at my mother's house once per week. So, there was no way possible for me to wash and dry Delilah's cloth diapers and all of our clothing in one day. What did we do? We had to buy disposable diapers instead. Confession: Just as much as it broke my heart to have to buy them; I was also thankful for the break. It can become exhausting having to wash them weekly.

Fast forward: two months later and we were still using the disposable diapers and I was enjoying the no washing faze. Until.......I went to Home Depot and purchased a new washer/dryer duo. I was super ecstatic to be able to wash my clothing at home and to continue using our C.Cs (cloth diapers). But because of the two months using the D.Ds (disposable ones); I got lazy and so did my husband (he used to help me clean them). It can become time consuming washing them.

Not to mention going out while cloth diapering with an infant. You have to tote the soiled ones until you get home in a "dry bag". You also have to bring enough Liners (the material that goes in the covers. Covers are basically the diapers outside). The way I explained them to my sister was like this, "imagine that you’re on your period and you're using a pad. What they call the "cloth cover" is your panties and the "liner" is your pad. Your child soils the pad and not the panties. Unless you have an explosion then that's another ball field.

Another issue to consider is that since C.Ds do not have the chemical Sodium Polyacrylate (the chemical that absorbs liquids); your child's diapers will have to be changed more frequently. This is normal! Why would you want your child to have their piss or poop on them for more than a few minutes and with D.Ds, it happens. Why does this happen? Because they have the water absorber chemical that soaks up the liquids and makes it less noticeable when your child pees. Do you think that it's normal for a cloth to hold that much pee without a strong chemical? Don't believe me? Try throwing a D.D in your bathtubs and you will see how long it takes to expand. If you had an accident, would you stay in your soiled underwear for more than 5 minutes? Then why allow your infant too?

I'm not writing this post to discourage you ladies from C.Ds, I'm only listing the struggles and preparing you. With all of the negative out like pile of poop, let's talk about the important question:

Why it's worth it?

Each time I look at my little girl's angelic face; I want to protect her and give her the best that I can. With that being my main concern, why put a diaper with a load of chemicals on her most private and sensitive places on her body. You can compare D.Ds to a woman having a tampon in her vagina for 8+. The same chemicals in tampons are also in diapers. Can you believe that? Some women agree, well my parents used them on me and so forth....I'm fine. The only difference between those times and now is that they didn't know better. Research is more encouraged and at our disposal. I'm not going to discuss all of the negatives about disposables.


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