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Children Simply Are Not Affordable

the American dream is dead

By ChantelPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
Children Simply Are Not Affordable
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Are children affordable in your area?

Consider yourself lucky.

Living in the Bay Area all my life and into my 20s has taught me that unless you have an income of 100,000 coming in a year, don't have them.

You can't afford a house, a car, insurances- not to mention food, furniture, new clothes, other necessities-

Simple conclusion: Just don't have children! or pets!

I was really considering getting a cat earlier this year but with the amount of times I like to travel, I would not be able to care for them. Nor do I want to shack up 100-200 a month to buy pet insurance and other expenses at the moment.

I work as a part-time nanny and that has taught me that childcare is also unaffordable. I work for a minimum of 25/hour and that can go up to 30-40 depending on the family and amount of children.

If you both do not have a steady income, do not have children.

If you have not saved up a significant amount for emergency funding, don't have children.

If you want freedom to do as you choose and leave for vacations, ect. and don't want to give that up yet but also can't afford childcare to help- maybe don't have children?

They are an endless cycle of debt that you can take on for the rest of your life basically.

And they can be so mean! Why would you want that?

All the sacrifices you made when they were growing up, just to have them lash out and be cruel in the end and cut you with their harsh words... and we are expected to be a better person?

They test you to your core and often times the deeds you've done for them will be forgotten as time goes on.

What is the point of having them? My only logic is for your own entertainment, for your religious reasons of wanting to raise other people in your faith, but beyond that?

As a wealthy person I guess it would be to keep the wealth with in the family. But I really can't see many reasons beyond that.

Older me, if you have children, why did you choose to have them?

Could you afford it? Are you making more than 100k? How do people achieve early retirement when they have children!!!

It doesn't make sense to me. Unless you like being frugal with everything you do.

Our cousin's husband had explained to us that he could no longer afford to maintain his dream of working at the prison as a counselor and having his own muay tai gym with his business partner. Do dreams die as well when having children?

When I used to do episodes for my podcast Rethinking How You Money 101

I used to ask people what their ideal income would be. One guest said that 1 million dollars a year would be their ideal income because that could fund their lifestyle while allowing him and his wife to pursue their passion projects.

Are only the rich families allowed to have both? To own a business, pursue their passion projects, and have children?

That seems to be the case.

I am glad that I began to have better spending practices now, but also I have absolutely no savings. I have put most of money to the stock market and have had to save my income to help pay for the amount of taxes that I owe from my incomes.

Next step is getting my health and fitness in order. Although all of these acts are things I would need to continue to improve in as life goes on.

I just really don't want to have any responsibilities. I don't want to have to pay for anything on my own. I don't want to necessarily have to contribute to a relationship besides with my time and presence.

I don't want to have to pay a house bill, car bill, insurance bills, gas, ect.

At the moment all I pay for is when I decide I want to go out with friends for vacations or outings.

I try to work odd jobs as much as I can out of boredom and it prevents me from spending more money than necessary. Even with odd jobs tho, I definetly need a couple days out a month just to end the monotany of life. It is so difficult to go through life if you don't switch up your routine even a little bit.

I wanted to be with my ex before, but putting all of these financial burdens into perspective makes me scared to ever be in a longterm relationship unless my partner for sure had a great job.

Will I ever be able to do anything if I chose a poor partner?

Cause I would probably be the one who had to bring in the money if I got with my ex. He had a minimum wage job and I'd need a lot more than that for our incomes... right?

Or is it really possible to grow with a partner? Help them achieve a higher paying role to live our lifestyle better?

I don't know again- that is the conclusion I have constantly been coming up with.

I really need to start looking for a job with a better salary. You need to move jobs to continuously go up in the business.

I just wish I could do a job I genuinely enjoyed. But so many people hate their jobs. And the job I wanted rejected me... but I always believe to trust in the universe.

When I am 80, I'll look back and be greatful. Or maybe I won't and just realize that life is filled with choices and it is not based off the universe but what you chose and decide to do with your life.


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